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Posted by: MacBozo

Some diversion - 08/30/10 04:02 PM

Man Creates Huge Online Museum for Vintage Calculators

I still have a working HP 20S from 1987. I had a HP 11c (1982) before that.

Here's Something You Don't Want To Know

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Re: Some diversion - 08/30/10 04:59 PM

I had the first vol. of The Science of Life when I was a little boy - fascinating book, first kid on my block to know the words intestine and ungulate :–).
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Re: Some diversion - 08/30/10 05:23 PM

Originally Posted By: padmavyuha
"…first kid on my block to know the words intestine and ungulate :–).

It took me years to understand that it was precisely this sort of thing that got books knocked out of my hands, got me shoved into walls and had me branded as a fag. Back then, I couldn't understand why calling my tormenters a festering clot of squamous tubercules didn't help. At all.

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Re: Some diversion - 08/30/10 07:31 PM

I knew the words - but I was more careful whom I told (careless talk costs lives, ya know...)
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Re: Some diversion - 08/30/10 09:09 PM

I still have my Texas Instruments SR-11 calculator I bought in 1973. With duct tape it got me through college. Then my first lab gave me a HP 12-C. Still have that in a drawer too.

My calculator I have in front of me is a SHARP Scientific Calculator EL-5150 that I bought in the 80s. Still love it. It still has slugging percentage formulas in it from 1986. I can't remember how to program it but it has never forgotten my equations.

But boy, I would not make a museum out of them and if I threw them in the trash today I think replacements are what, about 8 bucks?
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Re: Some diversion - 08/30/10 10:02 PM

My first calculator.

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Re: Some diversion - 08/30/10 10:08 PM

Thats a nice buffed out slide rule, the ones I seen had no metal brackets and frames, just cheap plastic.
Posted by: MacBozo

Re: Some diversion - 08/30/10 10:39 PM

The really good ones were aluminum or stainless steel. I had a plastic circular one designed specifically for aerial photogrammetry when I was in the Air Force.
Posted by: Phosphor

Re: Some diversion - 08/30/10 11:29 PM

I had a pretty decent Casio scientific calculator (no graphing, though), but when the battery died, I never replaced it. It ended up being used as a shim, beneath an empty isoptopyl bottle, which in combination kept my old cable modem from tearing loose from sticky-backed velcro which attached it to the underside of my desk cabinet. Geez, I kept that set-up for, like, 5 years until trading in the old modem for a newer, smaller one earlier this year.

Anymore, I just use PCalc for complex stuff, but I'd still rather have a physical unit.
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Re: Some diversion - 08/31/10 01:42 AM

Is That an old K + E ??
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Some diversion - 08/31/10 01:57 AM

Old? OLD?!
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Re: Some diversion - 09/02/10 02:57 AM

My older brotheygave me a slide rule when was 12. I was the only one in my group who had one and could use it during high school (60-63).

During my freshman year in college I treated my self to a brand new Post metal one which lasted me years.

During the 70's our school experimented with mini classes of nine weeks. During that timre I taught a class on the slide rule. The local office supply stoe did a booming business during. Then calculators came out and we went teaching calculators. The store was left with a bunch of old slide rules that were worthless. Rather investing in buggy whips in 1910

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Re: Some diversion - 09/02/10 03:09 AM

I was a calculator junky.

I remember buying a cassia graphic calculator and that week attending a math conference that hat a session on graphic calcs. Where she showed off the Ti-81. I went out that very night and bought. Just so much better. That calc was stolen so I bought another. I had exactly one day when it was lifted. Lots of thieves in Dodge City.

I still have a Ti-86