Nice brew!

Posted by: MacBozo

Nice brew! - 08/12/10 09:22 PM

Thought I'd try this one today:

Everybody deserves a little sumpin' from time to time.

Posted by: Papa

Re: Nice brew! - 08/13/10 01:12 AM

I am drinking a lot more beer this year. I had one last year and I have already had 5 this year.
Posted by: Acumowchek

Re: Nice brew! - 08/13/10 01:52 AM

Lagunitas Brewery is in my backyard!
For a local micro-brewery, they've done one hell of a job.

The thing I like the most?
They want to stay that way.

Great people. Great beer.
Posted by: trey

Re: Nice brew! - 08/13/10 03:32 PM

I get their IPA and Hop Stoopid all the time. cool