Oh, well

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Oh, well - 01/01/10 02:25 PM

The Granpa news got canceled yesterday. Laura miscarried. She was only about 2 weeks along at the most.
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Re: Oh, well - 01/01/10 03:44 PM

Oh, Michael. I'm so sorry. But it's a comfort knowing that you and your family are strong and loving, and can lean on each other right now. Please give Laura all our hugs.


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Re: Oh, well - 01/01/10 04:26 PM

So sorry, Michael. Hopefully she can heal and try again later. Hang in there.
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Re: Oh, well - 01/01/10 04:42 PM

So very sorry, Michael.
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Re: Oh, well - 01/01/10 06:55 PM

WoW thats not good news - sorry
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Sorry to hear that Michael, hope she's okay.
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Re: Oh, well - 01/01/10 08:15 PM

That's very sad. I hope the next attempt is successful.

This grandpa stuff (I'm called "boom pa"...kudos to anybody who gets the obscure source of that name) is pretty fun, to be sure.
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Re: Oh, well - 01/02/10 12:41 AM

They gave her an IV and some tests and finally sent her on her way. She went and enjoyed a few hours of New Year's revelry and she seems to be OK.
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Sorry to hear that, Michael.
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So Sorry. What a bummer