What's Your Favorite Mac?

Posted by: shadowboxer47

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/18/06 07:04 AM

Alright, this may have been done before, but two or three threads on the same topic can't hurt smile

So what's your favorite Mac? Or, at least, the list of your favorite Macs in order of favoritism?

1. Power Macintosh 9600 - In my opinion, the most versitile and upgradable Macintosh in existance
2. iMac G5 20" - Perfect design; the greatest mid-ranged Macintosh Apple has produced
3. Quad Core G5 - Does this really need explanation?
4. TAM - WAY ahead of its time; This is Apple in its true form.
4. Performa 6200CD - First computer my Dad bought (not the first used)... brings back memories

Anyways, it's all about opinion. Certainly you would disagree, so feel free to post your list.
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What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/18/06 08:17 AM

my powermac g5 of course wink
Posted by: anil8tor

iMac G5 - 02/21/06 01:14 AM

I have to go with the iMac g5, its awsome, I love mine.
Next I would have to say my old Blue & white g3
I have always wanted a Clamshell iBook too ( hello ebay)

Really I'd have to say whatever Mac I am currently running is my favorite!

(reason for edit: I cant spell)
Posted by: mordaskyt

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/21/06 01:30 AM

Wow One of my all time favorites is the B&W G3, I remember when our graphics studio was using all clones, mine was the ugliest beat up powercomputing box. Then the I.T. Guy unvielled the studio's first Smurf. It was sitting on his desk and a crowd of gawkers gathered, staring, in awe.... Then to my joy I learned that it was to replace the oldest crappiest computer, mine! He tried to set it up on the floor but I made him put it on my desk for all to see. Nice.
Posted by: maestro

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/21/06 02:08 AM

The powermac G5 may have its limitations (one of the most limited of all powermacs), but it is one powerful son of an apple, which makes it one of my top five. And the Quad takes number...

1. Quad Core G5 PowerMac ("the" most powerful personal computer in the world)
2.Powerbook Pism (the best laptop Apple ever made)
3.The first Mac ever! Cuz I had one and loved it to death!
4.The iMac G4 (Pure genius in design, even more so that the G5 version)
5.Newton (yeah, its was a computer and the first hand held ever)

Sadly, I only own one of the above, and its the slowest one i have!
Posted by: JediJoker7169

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/21/06 07:23 AM

My 12" PowerBook G4 was the first computer that really got me into... Well, computing. So, of course, it's my current favorite, but for other reasons as well:

1. Portability - Nothing can beat it, other than tiny laptops I wouldn't want to use and Palms/PDAs, which can't compare to its...
2. Power - It packs an amazing amount of power into a small package. I can do pretty much everything I'd want to do on a Mac; even some gaming, thanks to its...
3. Graphics - The nVIDIA GeForce FX Go5200 is a great mobility chip. Unfortunately, ATi has taken over the portable market for the moment, so we may not see any great competition products for a while, at least not until nVIDIA's 8000 line. Nevertheless, in terms of graphics technology, nVIDIA is always a step ahead of ATi.
4. Utility - I can use it, like I said before, for pretty much everything I'd want. Its number of known uses continues to grow and never ceases to amaze me.
5. Strength & Longevity - Despite having been dropped a number of times, scratched in multiple places, dented and bent in others, and internally damaged, it continues to meet my computational needs. I haven't noticed any drop in performance whatsoever. In other words, "It takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'." It will be a sad day when Apple drops this beauty from their line...
Posted by: destructospin

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/21/06 07:50 AM

ibook g4
i had to depart with mine for money reasons
but soon here, im gonna get another!
Posted by: TCPMeta

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/21/06 10:22 AM

iBook G3
Macintosh PLUS
Posted by: longbow

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/21/06 05:49 PM

SE/30 - My first computer
Powermac G5 - Simply a beautiful machine
B&W - It blew me away the first time I saw one
Pismo - Still haven't gotten to actually own one of these yet, but I love them
Posted by: soundmann18

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/21/06 05:50 PM

I'm with Jedi Joker - my 12" pb is my favorite. Granted, its my only mac, but i still love it. Though I've never personally used one, I've got to put the Quad on my list to, just because most other computers don't even have 2 cores, let alone 4. So that makes it:

1) 12" pb
2) Quad
Posted by: Waragainstsleep

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/21/06 10:06 PM

My favourite Mac undoubtedly has to be my Lombard. I've had it since new, and it will be 7 this year.
Over the years it has had its sound card replaced (under warranty), Its top case (I overtightened the screws), and its display cable (cat damage) have also been replaced. Thats all its ever needed. I might swap out the battery charge board soon. Mine has never clicked properly. The click has always worked, but you've never been able to actually feel the click. It has started to stick recently, and since I have another one spare, I may as well swap it. Almost forgot I had to swap out the keyboard when the 3,E,D and C keys failed. It now sports a Japanese one. Though there are english letters on it too.

I was pleasantly surprised to read a recent reliability survey of all Apple laptops and the Lombard beat all comers as I recall. Even slightly ahead of the Pismo, which most people usually overlook it for.

I have also upgraded the HD a few times, it currently has a 40GB unit. I also swapped out the standard optical drive for a DVD-ROM, then a DVD-RW (flashed to region free). My Lombard has never been able to burn a DVD successfully though. In Toast it always drains its buffer. I guess the Lombard is too slow to keep up.

I have a Belkin Wifi card which shows up as Airport, a firewire/USB 2.0 card and the OS 9 DVD decoder card. I have maxed the RAM to 512MB.

Its currently getting another upgrade session: The 40GB drive was th first stage (though I'm now tempted to stick something bigger in there), and I recently installed Tiger via Xpostfacto. My next step is to add a Daystar G4 upgrade. I then intend to re-cell a battery or two for it. I'm looking at building my own expansion bay hard drive for it too.
The final touch would be some LED mods which I won't go into yet....

This was my second Mac. My first was a Performa 6200 which mostly got used for playing Maelstrom and has yet to see the internet. The Lombard went through University with me. This included a year of using dial-up with a 30 foot modem cable trailing under my bedroom door and down the hallway. Then two years of living in a communal living room being used by all 5 residents + guests as it was the only laptop in the house. Again with a long modem cable. It has survived all this and more. Though many modem cables gave their lives in its defence.

All this and its only recently that a Wintel laptop can sit beside it without looking old fashioned. So many newer, faster machines which are three times the size, five times the weight, and completely obsolete and unusable with their latest OS after only two or three years of usage. My Lombard is still completely up to date. Just about.

A trusty steed indeed.
Posted by: Jias

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/22/06 01:11 AM

While my PowerBook G4 is great, my heart belongs to my other portables - my Pismo and my Clamshell.

After using Macs for years in school, my Clamshell became the first Mac I ever owned, only a few short years ago. It will always be my first love, and I'll never give it up if I can help it. Since then, two G3 iMacs have passed through my posession, as well as a Sawtooth (and I could only give that up when I got my new Powerbook in December), but the only other one I've held onto has been my Pismo.

Oh the Pismo. I was amazed as soon as I opened up the keyboard. Its all right there! I don't have to disect the entire thing to get at the HD! And it goes up to a gig of RAM (although mine has only held 768 in its time with me)! It was my trusty sidekick every day for quite some time.

The Clamshell and the Pismo are both stellar and reliable machines. I spent so much time with them, and there's nothing better than the feeling I get when I spend time typing on them. They feel right. What more can you ask than that?
Posted by: mordaskyt

What's Your Favorite Mac? - 02/22/06 02:21 AM

I would collect Apple portables if I could. I love both my 12 inch and really love my wife's 14 inch iBook. 2300 Duo, rocks. 2400 Comet, rocks. Wallstreet, Lombard, Pismo with those gorgeous black curves, Rock. Clamshell is sooo cool. Titanium lust drives me crazy ($800 for a 1ghz Ti on Wegenermedia.com, Arhg!!!!) There will always be a warm spot in my heart for my little powerbook 5300. That piece of @#$% was my first laptop. If you want to teach someone to swim, shove them off the end of the dock, If you want to teach someone to fix laptops give them a 5300. I took that thing apart soo many times.... It went with me everywhere. I bet I could field strip that thing with my eyes closed. I think my eye is tearing up a little...Snif Snif....