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LOL! - 10/04/09 11:29 PM

at myself. I noticed that I had three clients listed as attached to my router - two, I recognized as my computer via ethernet and my wife's computer via wireless. The other one, I just couldn't figure out. Finally, it dawned on me - it's the Vonage modem! Sometimes things are simply so trouble free that you forget that they are even there. laugh
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Re: LOL! - 10/04/09 11:47 PM

Wish I could say the same for the cat that's hogging my computer chair right now. I can never forget that she's there. My butt hurts from sitting on the edge of the chair and she won't budge. I take her off the chair and she hops right back onto it. If I take her off again, she walks on my keyboard and rubs her face against the Logitech camcorder thats balancing on top of the monitor and stands in front of the monitor so that I can't see it. Probably best to let her sit on the chair, except that my butt hurts from sitting on the edge of it.

I even tried using my son's computer chair, since he's away at college, but one of the wheels keeps falling off of it, so that doesn't work. Tried putting the cat on THAT computer chair, but she jumps off it and hops back onto mine.

Ain't love grand?

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Re: LOL! - 10/05/09 12:03 AM

I think your cat and my one cat and my one dog are related, Donna smile

The cat refuses to let me look at a monitor. If it's a laptop, she'll sit on my lap. If it's a desktop, she'll walk in front of it, sit down, and start grooming. The dog does exactly what you say your cat's doing.

And yes ma'am, love is very grand!
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Re: LOL! - 10/05/09 12:09 AM

Cats and dogs simply will not be moved from their favorite spots. laugh Fortunately, all of mine have wanted to be on my lap, but if they felt that they were not the center of the universe at all times, they would use their powers of persuasion.
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Re: LOL! - 10/05/09 02:18 AM

My butt is just too big to fit on this chair with the cat on it, unfortunately, but, yes, it's nice to be loved! smile She doesn't leave me much space, so I teeter on the edge, which isn't very ergonomically correct.

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Re: LOL! - 10/05/09 03:26 AM

The cat that hates not to be between me and a monitor also hates not to be between me and a book. I hate to move her cause she's such a loving thing, so I peer over or around her to read the next word. And then she thinks I'm soliciting a petting, so she rubs her head on my nose and usually gets my glasses dirty. She's a black cat, and I all of the black cats I've had are the same--always wanting human contact.

Here's what I mean.

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Re: LOL! - 10/05/09 03:46 AM

Thats what robert does too , I just sit down anyway , then he moves to my lap , then on top of the desk and walks over to the window for nap - After that he uses the desk top , my lap and the floor as sorta a staircase all day long laugh