Whoo HOO ! Got iPhone again !

Posted by: DLC

Whoo HOO ! Got iPhone again ! - 02/18/09 07:57 PM

AT&T had a refurb special $99 !! ..and I'm getting Apple Care on this one! My old iPhone died 2 months ago and I've felt naked with this "Go Phone", with no features... clunky menus... AHHH! Drives me nutz ! Only reason I got it was that it was a hand me down from my #2 son just to get me to June/July when the new iPhone arrives (3rd Generation).

well son #1 iPhone (2G) has some slight damage, his ringtones don't work well and the screen looks like it has a little water damage- everything else is fine. He doesn't know how that happened, but it's 20 months old... so I checked with AT&T on line and here's my shrewd plan. BWAH-AH-AHA-HA ! whistle

1. Dad replaces Go Phone with 8 Gb 3G iPhone now.
2. 3rd Gen iPhone comes out in summer and Dad upgrades.
3. Transfers Data to new phone and ships this one to son #1.
4. Son #1 transfers data from damaged old 2G to new 3G phone...
we're all so much better off...

The AT&T guy said Yes it's doable. I recorded it ! wink

so in 2 Days I'm back to normal - somewhat. Still gotta replace all those notes I had !! aye-ya-ya cry


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Congrats on the new iPhone! - 02/18/09 08:22 PM

That's what I did when I got my 3G iPhone. I talked to a rep at the local Apple store and he said giving the old 2G iPhone to my nephew was doable because my sister's family is on ATT. With that in mind I was ready but they didn't have the particular model I wanted so I ended up going to a local ATT store nearer me. They had to put me on a list since this model was in hot demand at the time but I figured I could wait. It was well worth it as they transfered my data from the old phone, set up my voice mail, and gave me back the old iPhone which I took to my sister's house. There I hooked it up to iTunes on their Windows system and reset it to factory standards. I then gave it to my sister and told her to give it to my nephew who was very happy to get a free iPhone from his cool uncle. cool
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Re: Whoo HOO ! Got iPhone again ! - 02/18/09 08:23 PM

I dropped my 2G iPhone and the screen cracked. It is still working fine for the most part but I have had about 3-4 freezes. I went to our IT director to order a new 3G model and saw the same $99 refurb. Awesome deal! My company pays for the plan but I buy the phone. Which is a good deal all around for me.

The old iPhone is still under AppleCare and I am going to try to get the screen replaced so I can give it to my 14 yr old as an iPod Touch with a camera after I remove the SIM.
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Re: Whoo HOO ! Got iPhone again ! - 02/18/09 09:43 PM

Hi David,
Did I miss something?
What happened to your iPhone?
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Re: Whoo HOO ! Got iPhone again ! - 02/19/09 02:55 AM

The screen died - went black with no touch functions- on Dec 31st.
Phone still worked but I couldn't answer. All data still there. synced with iTunes, but I can't see anything to push on the screen. frown
real bummer !! I've felt naked without it.

I'm getting Apple care on all future phones. Lesson learned !!

Thanks for asking !

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Re: Whoo HOO ! Got iPhone again ! - 02/19/09 06:27 AM

After the second full day of having one, I can see how these become indispensable very quickly. I'm glad you found a good deal David.
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Re: Whoo HOO ! Got iPhone again ! - 02/20/09 02:10 AM

Damm Apple.. iPhones are like drugs!!

once you use them - you're hooked !! wink

Thanks !
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WOW learned something NEW about iPhones !! - 02/20/09 11:22 PM

Did I miss this before?

My iPhone died on 12/31/2008 around 4 PM. Screen went black and though it worked (rang) I couldn't answer and had NO touch functions... so it was Not useable!

One anguish I had was all the Notes I had in the Notebook, passwords, account numbers, website IDs, more passwords, SS numbers, DL numbers ,,, tons of stuff that was like my right arm ! cry When you sync to your Mac or PC there is no program or Notepad that this App syncs with - I even asked someone at the Genius Bar. I had just resigned myself to have to gradually replace all the data.

Well, I got the new refurbished iPhone today and synced to to my old phone file on the G5, and VIOLA !! shocked the Notepad was fully restored (all data there) though you never SEE it on the computer desktop , when you sync it.

It's a Miracle !! wink

OK Steve J I take back all those cuss words I said about Apple... blush
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Re: WOW learned something NEW about iPhones !! - 02/21/09 04:30 AM

Glad it worked out, but funny they don't let you access the data from a computer.
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Re: WOW learned something NEW about iPhones !! - 02/21/09 06:49 PM

Yeah Reboot, that's what surprised me.. since you never see it anywhere but on the iPhone, I thought it was a gonner !! shocked Even the guy at the Apple store couldn't tell me why the NotePad didn't sync with something on the computer. I even suggested Text Edit or Word or even Preview.

Well apparently it DOES sync - you just don't see or know it.

I'm Not complaining, now !! wink
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Re: WOW learned something NEW about iPhones !! - 02/21/09 07:14 PM

Thanks for the info. I may need it to calm a future frustrated user.

Posted by: John Rougeux

Re: WOW learned something NEW about iPhones !! - 02/21/09 07:16 PM

I wonder if you do a Spotlight search for a particular note that it would find it?
Posted by: DLC

Re: WOW learned something NEW about iPhones !! - 02/21/09 11:21 PM

Damm, you're psychic John. wink

Some do show up, they end in ".txt" but they weren't updated... they were from August 2008, and I know I synced my phone between then and Dec 31st. The good thing now is you can email yourself the note.