What is it?

Posted by: NucleusG4

What is it? - 08/04/08 05:01 PM

The Montauk Monster ... what's your guess?<br><br>[image][/image]
Posted by: Mississauga

Re: What is it? - 08/04/08 05:47 PM

A prank. A figment of the discoverer's imagination. BBQ leftovers.<br><br>- alec -
Posted by: iBookmaster

Re: What is it? - 08/04/08 06:26 PM

CNN had Jeff Corwin on last night trying to figure out what it is. I agree with him. It's a dog. <br><br>Too many lives they've spent across the ocean. Too much money been spent upon the moon. Well, until they make it right, I hope they never sleep at night. They better make some changes and do it soon. -Things Goin' On/Lynyrd Skynyrd
Posted by: Pete

Re: What is it? - 08/04/08 06:32 PM

Right, decomposed dog is what I've been reading too.<br><br>All, the same — frightening!<br><br>[color:red]Work With ____!</font color=red>
Posted by: carp

Re: What is it? - 08/05/08 04:35 AM

Yep I agree a dead dog thats been in the sea for some time.<br><br>However as we all know the obligatory <br><br>[color:blue]Some have even suggested the creature is the result of some terrible failed experiment conducted by the U.S. Government’s Animal Disease Center, which is located on the nearby Plum Island.</font color=blue> - or aliens from space<br><br><br>