Zoom entire UI? De-blur it!

Posted by: Phosphor

Zoom entire UI? De-blur it! - 03/31/08 07:46 PM

This is from <a href="http://www.macosxhints.com/article.php?story=2008032413441734" style="color: teal; text-decoration: underline;">a hint on MacOSXHints.com</a> today.<br><br>I use the Control + mouse scroll wheel zoom-in function pretty regularly, both to give my eyes a break, and to make it easier to sample tiny areas of color onscreen.<br><br>But, when you zoom in, the Mac OS likes to antialias everything, making it blurry.<br><br>To get rid of the blurriness, and to see the actual pixels in their enlarged form, just tap the shortcut of <TT>Command + Option + [back slash]</tt> while you're zoomed in. Shortcut again, and you're back to the antialiased view.<br><br>Nice! <br><br>"This is not here."
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Re: Zoom entire UI? De-blur it! - 03/31/08 08:01 PM

Well shoot, that explains a whole bunch of stuff. I never realized it was the Apple anti aliasing that was doing that. Now just a few zoom in and outs while turning that on and off I can now see what the anti aliasing was doing. I thought that was just on fonts or something.<br><br>Thanks for a neat tip. Now I ned to get up and get some coffee to allow my eyeballs to readjust.<br><br><br><br>
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Re: Zoom entire UI? De-blur it! - 03/31/08 08:20 PM

Great tip. Thanks!!!<br><br>- alec -
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Re: Zoom entire UI? De-blur it! - 03/31/08 08:47 PM

That's a cool tip, thanks!<br><br>Now, do you know of a way to have that be the default behavior?<br><br>
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Re: Zoom entire UI? De-blur it! - 03/31/08 08:50 PM

System Preferences ⇒ Universal Access ⇒ Seeing ⇒ Zoom ⇒ Options...<br><br>"This is not here."