"New" Beatles

Posted by: yoyo52

"New" Beatles - 11/24/06 06:44 AM

I've been listening to it all night. What a very odd recording, and what a very odd experience listening to it. I like it, a lot in fact. It's a little bit like meeting a friend you haven't seen for 30 years. So much is so familiar, and yet . . . so much difference too. What makes it really interesting, and really like meeting an old friend, is that George Martin has taken samples from different songs, and inserted them in neat and unexpected ways into the music, so that it's like seeing the old friend and at mixing together with memories of that person memories of other people that you knew at the same time.<br><br>I don't know if I'm making any sense, but if you're a Beatles fan, take a listen. I think you'll like it too.<br><br>____________________________________________________<br>Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive,<br>But to be young was very heaven!
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Re: "New" Beatles - 11/24/06 09:39 AM

link?<br><br>[color:purple]A lopsided man runs best along the little side-hills of success<br>- Frank Moore Colby</font color=purple>
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Re: "New" Beatles - 11/24/06 11:00 AM

Why, http://www.beatles.com, of course!<br><br><br><br>
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Re: "New" Beatles - 11/24/06 02:03 PM

I'm now on the map and listening to it. I was never a big Beatles fan, so this will be a new way of listening to them that I might like better. My husband, on the other hand, is a big Beatles fan. I wonder if he will like this CD.<br><br><br>For Mike
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Re: "New" Beatles - 11/24/06 02:24 PM

I was never a big Beatles fan but I have to admit they played a big part in my life whether I loved them or was indifferent. They shaped the future of music simply by being there at the time. <br>This album: it is all that little bit different to how it came over on their albums and singles<br> a lot has to do with the way the mix is structured..<br> crosses a few albums but selects a certain mindset ..<br> covers a lot of my fave beatles songs<br> they really did try a lot of things in their day and did indeed set the stage for experimental recording.<br><br>It brings back a lot of nostalgia .. Just like the Who also did with Endless Wire.<br><br>
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Re: "New" Beatles - 11/24/06 08:55 PM

Listening. Liking! <br><br>Wishing I could experience the Cirque du Soleil Show.<br><br>Maybe if they bring it to Madison Square Garden<br>or to Atlantic City in the future.<br><br><br><br>