Hold your breath, Bird!

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Hold your breath, Bird! - 10/06/06 01:15 PM

http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/10/06/plant.fire/index.html<br><br>Toxic cloud from plant fire forces thousands to evacuate<br>APEX, North Carolina (CNN) -- Half of the 32,000 residents of Apex, North Carolina, have been asked to evacuate Friday after explosions and fire at a hazardous waste plant released noxious gases and flames 150 feet high over the town.<br><br>People "are putting themselves in very grave danger by being near or around this smoke. If you see smoke, get away from it." said Bruce Radford, manager of the Raleigh suburban town.<br><br><br>------------------------------<br><br>Not sure how far that is from Bird...don't think it's too close, but I don't know.<br><br>
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Re: Hold your breath, Bird! - 10/06/06 01:42 PM

Thanks for the heads up John.....<br>I missed the local news this am so I didn't even know till I read your post... <br>thank goodness so far there are no deaths.....<br>I googled to see if I needed to do the big exit, since to be honest I wasn't sure where Apex was, I am 308 mi (about 6 hours 48 mins) away......<br>so the critters and I can breath easy.....<br><br>
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Re: Hold your breath, Bird! - 10/06/06 01:53 PM

Good to hear. Are the leaves turning down there yet? (I'm sure they are!)<br><br><br><br>