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Posted by: bird

outlook express - 01/02/03 02:11 AM

I wanted to get outlook express . I went to mactopia but it said for os8.1 to 9.x I need it for Jag 10.2 is it not out for jag yet. Also I was reading about make sure you have aladdin stuffit expander . Should I assume I can't get outlook? I have outlook express on my pc and just wanted to read my mail on my mac. my pc died and is going in for repairs. So I just thought I could transfer my messages to my mac!<br><br>I'll be out after New Years !
Posted by: steveg

Re: outlook express - 01/02/03 02:15 AM

Nope. No Outlook Express for OSX. . Closest thing is Entourage, but that's expensive and top-heavy in the feature department. Use Mail. You'll like it. Honest. <br><br>
Posted by: iRock

Re: outlook express - 01/02/03 02:17 AM

Nope, none for Jag. I don't have any OS9 so I emailed a few key emails to myself then upgraded to Jag and opened them in mail.app. You can export the addressbook and convert it to addressbook in Jag. It is step by step. Let me know if you need them.<br><br>
Posted by: snag

Re: outlook express - 01/02/03 02:34 AM

Is it possible to run Outlook Express in Classic? Seems to me a tried this at work but i don't remember if it worked or not. Outlook runs OK in Classic.<br><br>
Posted by: steveg

Re: outlook express - 01/02/03 02:38 AM

Yeah, it'll run in Classic, but I don't know if the new mail notification will bring Classic to the foreground if you happen to be in X at that moment. Doable, but probably not the cleanest option. Besides, Mail is so much more elegant and intuitive the OE.<br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: outlook express - 01/02/03 02:39 AM

I think I tried Outlook Express way back when I first installed OSX and I never did get it to work in Classic.<br><br><br><br>
Posted by: steveg

Re: outlook express - 01/02/03 02:43 AM

I think I used it in Classic for a day or two when I first got OSX and while I was playing w/Mail. Or maybe I was just booting into 9. Can't recall. (old age, y'know the RAM is usually the first thing to go )<br><br>
Posted by: snag

Re: outlook express - 01/02/03 02:44 AM

Well that's for sure. I have never like Express anyway.<br><br>
Posted by: OSXaddict

Re: outlook express - 01/02/03 03:21 AM

I agree..Mail.app is the way to go. Bird, try Mail, you will like it <br><br><br>[color:red]Don't make me open this on you!</font color=red><br>
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: outlook express - 01/02/03 03:27 AM

You can import mailboxes from Outlook Express directly into Mail.app in Jaguar. Go to the File menu in Mail.app, and you'll see an "Import" option. When you choose it, you'll find that one of the choices is to import from OE. Addresses you can import into the Address Book, but you have to make vcards from the addresses first. I honestly forget if you can do that with OE.<br><br><br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"
Posted by: bird

Oh H*ll - 01/02/03 03:47 AM

i have the damn oe on my clam and it works lol! I have the mac.com but I seemed to have screwed it up also. I was sending messages a few minutes ago and then, it said , putting messages in out box can't send. Something like that {smile] So I just think I am mac jinxed. Hell I have 2 now and can't do poop with either. Amd my pc died. Here is another dumb question is mail.app the same as .mac.com ? I just thought I could get some of my stuff from my outlook and incredimail, but I can hook up my clam and get it from there!! I just think my IQ is to low for macs, i can't seem to do anything right. Lol!! I,m not stupid and i am glad i know it becouse if it was up to how I preformed on my mac to rate my intelligence I would be = to a acorn. <br><br>I'll be out after New Years !
Posted by: snag

Re: Oh H*ll - 01/02/03 03:53 AM

Mac.com is where you get the address bird@mac.com (or whatever it is). The Mail.app in OS X can use other accounts as well but you have to add that account. You will need your ISPs email account information so you can add it to Mail. <br><br>
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Oh H*ll - 01/02/03 04:11 AM

Mail.app is the software on your computer that you can use to send and to receive email. .Mac is the web service that Apple provides (assuming you're willing to shell out about a hundred clams to get it). So no, they're not the same thing.<br><br>If you do have a .Mac account, then your email would look something like bird@mac.com. If you don't have a .Mac account, then it would be something like bird@ispprovider.com or something like that.<br><br>Anyway, you don't need to have a .Mac account in order to use Mail.app. To set up the Mail.app, here's what you do.<br><br>1. Open Mail.app (click on the dock icon or double click on the application icon)<br>2. Since this is not the first time you've opened Mail.app, go to the Mail menu, and then choose the Preferences option.<br>3. In Preferences, click on the Accounts icon.<br>4. In the Accounts window, click on the Add Account button (or on the Edit button if you have an account already set up that you need to change). I'll assume you're working on a new account in what follows.<br>5. When the New Account window comes up, you'll first tell Mail what kind of account it is. If it's a .Mac account, set it up as such. The othe options are POP and IMAP--if you don't know what kind you have, let us know, but if it's not somethink like Yahoo or Hotmail, it's probably a POP account.<br>6. In the Description box, type a name for the account.<br>7. In the Email Address box, type in your own email address.<br>8. In the Full Name box, type in your real name<br>9. In the Incoming Mail Server box, type in the address of the server that your ISP tells you to use (for me, it's mail.verizon.net, for instance, cause I use Verizon as my ISP). If you do have a .Mac account, then the mail server is mail.mac.com regardless of what your ISP is.<br>10. In the Username box, type in your username for the account (the part of the email address that comes before the @ is normally the username).<br>11. In the Password box, type in the password for that account.<br>12. In the Outgoing Mail Server box, type in teh address of the server that your ISP tells you to use (in my case, it's smtp.verizon.net); if you are using a .Mac account, the server address will be smtp.mac.com. If there's already something in this box, and you want to change it, the pop up menu will let you change it. Just go to the Add Server option.<br><br>That should do it. If all this is still confusing, come back for more!<br><br><br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"
Posted by: bird

I have the .mac - 01/02/03 04:43 AM

I got the .mac to try when it was cheaper. i clicked and it is there. I guess I will just stick with it. I can get my other email off of my clam. Most of my email like call for help and all my animal rights , and tree hugger stuff goes to my regular ISP account . If I start fooling with this I think I will screw up my .mac one, thats what popped up when I hit new account. thanks, I may try again tomorrow , with a clearer head. I just seem to be messing everything up I touch tonight. So no more questions, {tonight} I promise!! <br><br>I'll be out after New Years !
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: I have the .mac - 01/02/03 04:48 AM

Nah, you won't screw up the .Mac account. Just add the other account!<br><br>One thing, though: some ISPs will not allow you to use their outgoing mail servers unless the return address is keyed to their own incoming mail server. If you want to use the .Mac account to receive mail, but use your ISP's outgoing mail server to send mail, you need to click on the options button in the new accounts window and put in the verification information.<br><br><br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"
Posted by: bird

Re: I have the .mac - 01/02/03 05:12 AM

LoL!! thanks, but don't put any money down that i won't screw it up. I am going to give it a rest tonight, you have gven me everything I need to get it right!! Also my ichat is down, its been a 3 strikes out at bat for me tonight.. I may hit a homer tomorrow, ya never can tell. Thanks again <br><br>I'll be out after New Years !
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: I have the .mac - 01/02/03 05:30 AM

Definitely give it a rest tonight. There seems to be something wrong with .Mac [color:red]again</font color=red> tonight, so there's no point in trying.<br><br><br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"