Gone to Dogstar

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Gone to Dogstar - 08/06/05 08:16 PM

<br><br>Princess<br>Jan 5, 1993 - Aug 6, 2005<br><br>Gone to Dogstar<br><br>...but not forgotten...<br><br> "I think their spirit goes up there, to Sirius, the Dog Star. I can't imagine anything else that would keep it burning so bright and constant." <br> -- Captain Haper, from the novel, DogStar <br><br><br>..the autumnal star, whose brilliant ray shines eminent amid the depth of night, whom men the dog-star of Orion call...(Homer)<br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/06/05 08:25 PM

Oh Shelli sweetie...I'm so sorry.<br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/06/05 08:33 PM

Very sorry to hear that, Shelli. It's very hard.<br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/06/05 08:43 PM

Oh NO shel! I'm so sorry. Just a month ago today one of ours left us, so I know all too well how much it hurts.<br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/06/05 09:06 PM

Sorry to hear this Shelli. Sad to see a pet die.<br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/06/05 09:06 PM

Oh gosh, Shelli. You must be hurtin'. I'm so sorry.<br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/06/05 09:46 PM

So sorry Shel<br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/06/05 10:10 PM

You can bet her wonderful spirit is shining as brightly as always. <br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/06/05 10:28 PM

So sorry, please accept our warmest condolences<br><br>---<br>www.waleedsgallery.biz
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/07/05 01:20 AM

Lo siento mucho querida amiga.<br><br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/07/05 01:22 AM

Sorry to hear that, Shelli. <br><br>Will Dickins have a new playmate in the future?<br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/07/05 01:47 AM

Thanks everyone. I really appreciate it. I was telling Marg in a private message she has been having these wheezing attacks off and on for years. Something similar to pancreatitis. They got worse on Thursday. She was able to eat Friday morning but not Friday night. This is what happened last year and she had to stay in the hospital with an IV. We could have done that again but it's rougher on her every time so we decided to just let her go. The worse thing is she got so upset when she thought we were leaving her home and with her being sick. She was so happy when she got to go. The adrenaline perked her up and she sat on my lap and cuddled and kissed us the whole way. She was smiling in the vet clinic. It made it hard but also left us with nice memories of her cute little face. She fought harder than anyone you have ever seen. Poor Dickens is missing her too.<br><br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/07/05 03:43 AM

I'm sorry for your loss Shelli. May she sleep warm and at peace tonight.<br><br>* * * * * * * * * * * * * *<br>I [censored] bigger than you.<br>
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/07/05 06:03 PM

Sorry to hear about this Shel... Man, I gotta tell ya, this place has become depressing. Isn't this like the 3rd one in the last month? Such a shame! It's always sad when the pets go.<br><br><br>CreativeGuy: Design software tips, tricks & commentary.
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Re: Gone to Dogstar - 08/07/05 08:20 PM

Thanks Jim and Matt. And to answer Dr. John's question we may have to wait until we find out when or if Rick has back surgery but we will probably getting Dickens a companion. Princess has been gone overnight the the hospital last year and I wanted to try to get across to Dickens that she is not coming back. So when we got back I let him sniff her empty collar and told him no Princess. He looked startled for a moment but we weren't sure if he knew it was final. But he knew something was wrong Saturday morning before we took her to the clinic. When he got up he ran right over to check on her. When we got home I put her bed in the bedroom in the closet and picked up her place-mat where she used to eat in the utility room. This morning he didn't even want to go outside. Rick had to take him. He has been up on the couch with us and hasn't moved since I got up. He knows and is so sad. Poor little guy. They spent all their time together. Boarder and grooming they always went together. My heart breaks for him. <br>Talk about spirit, she was so weak but when the doctor went to give her the injections, she did not want to lay down so we let her stand and Rick supported her. Up to the end she did not like to not be in control. You cannot believe how much will a 10 LB little dog could have. We are going to have a time without her here to run things. But her suffering is over and we will get through our pain too but we will never forget her.<br>"There is no other like it, mine was the only one."<br><br>