Woodward confirms . . .

Posted by: MattMac112

Woodward confirms . . . - 05/31/05 09:26 PM

Woodward confirms Felt is "Deep Throat" in the Washington Post ... <br><br>****************<br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: Woodward confirms . . . - 05/31/05 11:51 PM

I just read the Vanity Fair piece, and I have to say, Woodward comes across as a real stand-up guy. He knew Felt's family knew about Felt being Deep Throat, and didn't join up with them to cash in. Woodward seems to have formed the opinion that Felt had declined in health and mental state, and he (Woodward) didn't want to break the promise not to say who Deep Throat was. <br><br>Good stuff!<br><br>