PS3 Movies...

Posted by: Optimus_George

PS3 Movies... - 05/24/05 07:47 PM

WHOA!<br><br>This stuff looks amazing. It's taking a bit of time to load, so be prepared.<br><br>
Posted by: Pete

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/24/05 07:57 PM

I thought I was going to be solidly in the Xbox360 corner, but now Sony's got me considering the PS3 as well...<br><br>Still waiting for Nintendo to show all their cards, though. Supposedly their new console will allow you to download the ENTIRE library of old NES, SNES, and N64 games, as well as be compatible with recent GameCube games...<br><br>Back in Black...
Posted by: Optimus_George

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/24/05 07:58 PM

I love how M$ was running their "X-Box" games on G5's hahaha!!!<br><br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/24/05 10:27 PM

Holy shiit! Gran Turismo sure is just a tad avanced from the old versions...<br><br>
Posted by: zwei

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/24/05 11:34 PM

yup ...that's why I'm buying one <br><br>
Posted by: Optimus_George

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/24/05 11:39 PM

It feels as though the PS2 hasn't even reached its peak yet. The games coming out for it look better and better. I think I might skip this one, or at least wait until a Rev. 2 comes out. I just got a PSP and I love it, so why bother spending more money on yet another gaming platform when I'm happy already?<br><br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/24/05 11:40 PM

How is the PSP? Worth the money?<br><br>
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Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/25/05 12:30 AM

I see they went with the Spider-Man font on the console. I'm sold just on that!<br><br>
Posted by: Optimus_George

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/25/05 01:03 AM

To put it simply, I've played my PS2 only one time for 15 minutes since I've gotten my PSP. While there's not much to choose from game-wise. All the games I've purchased are very addicting. I never thought that Japanese golf would be so fun!<br><br>
Posted by: skuldugary

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/25/05 01:58 PM

Nice stuff. But most of the trailers only show cut scenes. Still, after seeing those, I'm going to give the PS3 a closer look. <br><br>
Posted by: carp

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/26/05 04:12 AM

I don't play much games.<br>But that "Kill Zone" looked frigging great - How can anyone manage that kind of action on a game pad ?<br><br>
Posted by: skuldugary

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/26/05 01:51 PM

Good point. I know a couple of people who are hard line PC gamers. They say the console can't compete. My position is, at least I don't have to upgrade my console every three months to keep up with the demands of the next big game. <br><br>It feels like game developers aren't held to any restrictions when making games for the computer. People are having to buy new processors or graphics cards every few months. But when it comes to consoles these same cutting edge games will work fine on a three year old console.<br><br>
Posted by: Pete

Re: PS3 Movies... - 05/26/05 02:08 PM

It's an expensive hobby for sure, but it's also about making smart choices for your hardware & keeping up with drivers and such...<br><br>I spent about $1500 on a custom-built gaming rig, and the only upgrades I've made in about 3 years are an additional 512mb of memory (about $100) and a new vid card (approx $350). Not too shabby, but then again maybe I'm not as obsessive as someone else might be. I also happen to be a Mac user, so I also spend $$ on hardware in *that* department - if I wasn't planning on getting a G5 soon, I might just drop that money on a new motherboard or upgrade the processor for the PC...<br><br><br>Back in Black...