My favorite Rum

Posted by: SgtBaxter

My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 03:49 AM

I'm a rum guy.<br><br>I used to drink Whaler's (and still do) on a regular basis. Great white... hint of vanilla. Yum.<br><br>But recently I picked up a bottle of Sailor Jerry's Rum and have bought nothing else since.<br><br>Hint of Cherry flavor. Old Satly dog recipe. 98 proof. 'nuff said. :)<br><br>Interestingly enough there is a picture of Sailor Jerry on the bottle. He looks disturbingly like my grandfather, God bless his soul. Indeed the two could be clones. (That is, Dad Dad and Sailor Jerry, not Dad Dad and God! :P )<br><br>Like Sailor Jerry, he was in the Navy in WWII. He had plenty of tatoos, and flew a flag until the day he died.<br><br>This one's for you, Dad Dad! :)<br><br>Anyway if you like rum, pick up a bottle. It's really good stuff. Just be careful, it's easy to down most of a bottle in one sitting, and at 98 proof you'll lose about 12 hours of your life to blackout and another 24 to the worst hangover you've ever had!!!!! :D<br><br>
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Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 04:01 AM

I <strike>remember</strike> have a vague memory of sharing "Tiki bowls" a rum fruit mixture with a double shot of rum in the center at a Chinese restaurant when I was 20. That was the last time I ever drank rum. Actually I don't care for any alcohol drinks except beer. They all make me sick literally.<br><br>
Posted by: SgtBaxter

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 04:17 AM

I drink plenty of beer - Yeungling's Black & Tan mostly - but for hard liquor I drink mostly rum (either rum & coke, or just straight rum) and tequila or mescal. <br><br>I do a lot of cooking and grilling with tequila and mescal. <br><br>Funny thing is I don't really care for spiced rum, which Sailor Jerry's is.. but it's so different than the other spiced rums. I have to watch myself when I twist off the cap, otherwise I'm in for a hurting the next day :D<br><br>Funny thing is, for less strong rums like Whalers, I put maybe 1/4 of rum into a glass and the rest coke. Any more and I can't stand it. With Jerry's which is much stronger, I can easily do half a glass and half coke, and even drink it straight.<br><br>Of course, alcohol is a poison so the making sick part I can understand. It's kind of like coffee, an acquired taste and something you work into.<br><br>
Posted by: Trog

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 04:28 AM

I'm a wine drinker. And usually I don't like "flavored" spirits...with the exception of rum. Its the only liquor that actually gets better when you mix spicy and fruity flavors with it. <br><br>Interesting info about the sailor jerry.<br><br>
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Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 04:36 AM

Hey man, that's my drink. Give me a cold Bud light and I am good to go. I really like the taste of beer. I don't drink by myself, but I could easily replace water with beer if it didn't impair my ability to drive.<br><br>Trog, you could hang with my gal. She's a wine drinker like you. I hate wine. I don't like any hard drinks like Rum. I don't even like fluffy special beers. Bud light and pizza. Heaven.<br><br>
Posted by: drjohn

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 04:42 AM

Get a bottle of Meyer's 151, insert straw, say goodby.<br><br>
Posted by: iRock

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 04:45 AM

Not a big rum drinker but that Cockspur is really smooth in a hot butter mix.<br><br>
Posted by: Trog

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 04:57 AM

I was a huge beer drinker when I was younger. I brewed my own for years, even. But then something changed about 2 years ago. I'm a wine drinker now.<br><br>But yeah, send your gal my way. <br><br>
Posted by: Michael

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 05:28 AM

Add a t to the end of that drink and you got something completely different. <br><br>
Posted by: SgtBaxter

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 05:31 AM

Bud Lite? I'd rather drink piss. Actually I've been to the Busch brewery, I think I saw the workers up there pissing in a vat that was labeled Bud Lite. :)<br><br>Nah. Give me a Yeungling Black and Tan, or a Guiness anyday. Theakston's Old Peculiar is another favorite. <br><br>But light colored ales? They've no more taste than water. :)<br><br>I do like Grolsch in the flip top bottle though.<br><br>
Posted by: Michael

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 05:38 AM

It gets worse.<br><br>According to a report on "World Beer Containers" from The Freedonia Group, by the end of this year, plastic bottles will emerge as a viable form of beer packaging.<br>The Miller Brewing Company has begun test marketing 16-oz., 20-oz. and one liter multilayer PET (polyethylene terephthalate) beer bottle for Miller Lite, Miller Genuine Draft and Icehouse brands. The bottles are produced for Miller by Continental PET Technologies. Anheuser-Busch has also performed limited testing of its amber colored, 16-oz. multilayer PET bottle for Bud and Bud Light brands to select cities.<br><br>
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Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 05:44 AM

I've been noticing a big take off in aluminum "bottles". Shaped just like a glass bottle, 16 oz. only aluminum.<br><br>Plastic? Yech.<br><br>Normally I'll drink a Miller Lite, and think it's okay. Miller Lite is about the only light (light colored that is) beer I can stand, other than Corona. But go to the ballpark and order one in those crappy plastic bottles.. man it kills the taste.<br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 09:48 AM

Beer is plastic just doesn't cut it. I used to brew my own beer and bottle in those 1 litre bottles. The beer was okay for the first couple of weeks but after that it went to hell.<br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 09:55 AM

The finest rum I ever tasted was produced in limited quantities by Westerhall in Grenada. They stopped exporting to Canada a couple of years ago and now I gather the distillery was severely damaged by the hurricane last year. Pity.<br><br>
Posted by: MattMac112

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 02:00 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>Add a t to the end of that drink and you got something completely different<p><hr></blockquote><p>Shaken, not stirred .. <br><br>****************<br>
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Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 10:06 PM

Had a great rum in St. Kitt's - CSR. Never been able to find it anywhere since then. Drank it in a 'Rusty Nail', mixed from CSR, Ting, a drop or two of bitters and a grating of fresh nutmeg.<br><br>Here I drink Gosling's or Myers, but I had Pusser's while on the GeekCruise, and really liked that.<br><br>Hmmm...makes me think a think a rum tour of the Caribbean Islands may be in order for an upcoming vacation... <br><br>
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Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 10:16 PM

I just look for the coolest label. That one's pretty cool.<br><br>
Posted by: lesh

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 10:27 PM

Heh, I often buy an unknown wine because of a well designed label.<br><br>
Posted by: margadagio

Re: My favorite Rum - 05/07/05 10:28 PM

A rum tour sounds good about now. Be nice to get away from it all. <br><br>Enjoying a Cuba Libra right now made with plain old Bacardi Gold.<br><br>
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Re: My favorite Rum - 05/08/05 12:48 AM

I drank rum when I was in the Army, but that was years ago. Now I prefer the bourbons. Give me some Makers!<br><br>As for beer, I love black and tans! mmmmmm tasty. There are a lot of local breweries here that put the big ones to shame.<br><br>
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Re: My favorite Rum - 05/08/05 12:53 AM

I did the Maker's/Jack taste test. Side by side. Results: THEY TASTE EXACTLY THE SAME! God I love whisky. Haven't had it in so long. Sobriety blows.<br><br>
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Re: My favorite Rum - 05/08/05 12:58 AM

Actually, they don't taste the same. One is a sour mash (JD) and the other isn't. Makers is a top shelf whisky.<br><br>
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Re: My favorite Rum - 05/08/05 01:01 AM

Like I said, I tasted them side by side from shot glasses. I did the Pepsi challenge and they tasted the same.<br><br>