I know, I know, I know

Posted by: Mactico

I know, I know, I know - 05/05/05 12:31 PM

The advice was stay with 10.3.9 in your old machine(imac G3), so I installed Tiger and runs smooth, only BIG PROBLEM, CD's or DVD's doesn't mount in the desktop. Already checked Finder Preferences, trash Finder Preferences, reset the PRAM, reset the NVRAM and NADA hapens. This problem affects other users and the advice is to reset the NVRAM but my computer shows NADA. In Mac OS 9.2.2 Cds mounts OK, did I say 9.2.2? <br> Any abracadabra advice to mount CDS or DVDS.? reinstall 10.4 or wait for 10.4.1? <br><br><br><br>