The Thin Blue Line...

Posted by: lesh

The Thin Blue Line... - 04/22/05 01:59 AM

...was stretched far and wide today in Rhode Island. The funeral procession for Providence police officer James Allen, went past my workplace this afternoon. It was a solemn and sobering sight, and one I'd never seen in person before. It felt odd to even take any photographs of it. I'm hearing estimates that over 5000 law enforcement officals from nearby towns and states and even from across the country were present. Thes pics show maybe not quite half the number of officers that were on foot as they made their way to the cemetary up the street, and they were preceeded by others on motorcycles, and more in squad cars.<br><br><embed src="" width=320 height=265 controller=true autoplay=false type=video/quicktime><br><br><br>He was killed earlier this week with his own revolver, while on duty, as he was escorting a prisoner who had allegedly stabbed and robbed an 84 year old woman. The man escaped out a third story wondow but was caught shortly thereafter.<br><br>Among other family members, he leaves behind two young teenaged daughters.<br><br><br>We have no death penatly in Rhode Island, it was abolished in 1984.<br><br><br><br><br>Suddenly my own problems seem trifling in comparision.<br><br><br>
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Re: The Thin Blue Line... - 04/22/05 02:39 AM

So sad Leslie. Such a waste. It was such a beautiful day there otherwise.<br><br>
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Re: The Thin Blue Line... - 04/22/05 06:07 AM

So you're saying the criminal grabbed his own revolver and shot him to death? Yikes. A sad way to spend what looks like a beautiful day.<br><br>
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Re: The Thin Blue Line... - 04/22/05 09:29 AM

This was the Detective who was on the force for 27 years?<br><br>I think I read about this. Yeah...sad indeed. We had our own police funeral for a 27 year old police officer not that long ago. <br><br>