Which one... which one??

Posted by: skuldugary

Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 07:23 PM

I can't decide between <br><br>Canon PowerShot S70<br>and<br><br><br>Sony Cyber-shot DSC-P150<br>I currently have a Canon A70 and it's a good little camera, but it's a few years old and I'm thinking that with all the improvements they've made in digital cameras, plus I'm vacationing in Japan for 2 weeks in fall, I'd hate to come home from the trip with photos that could have been better.<br><br>I know these don't hold a candle to the great cameras you folks have, but I'd like to know your thoughts on this. <br>Thanks very much.<br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 07:46 PM

I think you've answered your own question.<br>The web site that you provided links for compared the two cameras and the Canon appears to have come out on top.<br>Steve's Digicams gives a very good endorsement for both cameras.<br>I have a Sony digital camera that I really like because of the Carl Zeiss lens.<br>The only thing I don't like about Sony digital cameras is they use "Memory Sticks."<br>Memory Sticks tend to be quite a bit more expensive than CompactFlash or SD memory cards.<br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 08:10 PM

How quickly things change.<br><br>While reading the reviews, I saw the Canon G6 mentioned. So, I started reading that review when I saw the Sony DSC V3 mentioned. I read that one too. <br><br>The G6 and V3 look closer to what I'd like to get. From the users reviews, the V3 seems to have consistly positive reviews. Man, this is tough.<br><br>Okay, anyone with a G6 or V3?<br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 08:11 PM

Thank you for pointing out the memory stick. I hadn't noticed it before.<br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 08:43 PM

I still use my Canon Powershot. When I bought it 3.0 was the top of the line consumer. Mine is 2.1, but it's still does the job fine when I just want some snaps. The only negative thing about mine is the battery can't hold a charge very long. I have 2 and always keep one charging.<br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 08:46 PM

Get the Canon. Best point and shoot line, hands-down. <br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 09:24 PM

The G6?<br><br><br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 09:50 PM

Either the S70 or the G6. It just depends what you want to do with the pics. <br><br>If you're a casual picture taker that never does more than make 4 X 6 prints, I would lean toward the S70. Or, to be honest, the Powershot you already have would be good enough. <br><br>If you're more of a photo hobbyist, that uses Photoshop and wants the most detail and higher resolution, I would go with the G6. <br><br>Aside from Nikon's Pro line, I've seen nothing that changes my opinion that Canon makes the best digital cameras. There are certainly other capable ones, that's just my 2 cents. <br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 10:10 PM

I go back and forth between the two types. I've only printed 4x6 prints, partly because that's what I can get away with. <br>I'm not a snap-shooter when I can help it. I like to take my time framing the shot, looking for the most interesting angle, and composition. If it's a good enough shot, I'll put it through Photoshop.<br><br>I'm no great photographer, but I try. Link<br><br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 10:14 PM

Nice shots!<br><br>I have a four-year-old Canon Powershot A20. 2.1 megapixels. Good enough for the web, 4X6's and 8X10's.<br><br>Because I am a casual picture-taker, I have no plans to upgrade. <br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/12/05 11:35 PM

I still have the Canon PowerShot S30 and it takes good pictures. I let Dusty use it.<br><br><br><br>
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Re: Which one... which one?? - 04/13/05 12:05 AM

Go down to a camera shop and hold both the G6 and the S70. Both cameras will most likely give you the results you want. Your mind will probably be made up once you feel them in your hand and get a chance to play with the focusing mechanisms, screens, etc. <br><br>