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Golf - 04/11/05 04:13 PM

Subject: A word about golf<br><br><br>This is intended not to upset fans of tennis, basketball, football or<br>baseball. It is, rather, an attempt to put everything in its proper<br>perspective.<br><br>Ever wonder why golf is growing in popularity and why people who don't<br>even play go to tournaments or watch it on TV? The following truisms may<br>shed some light:<br><br><br><br>Golf is an honorable game, with the overwhelming majority of players being<br>honorable people who don't need referees.<br><br>Golfers don't have some of their players in jail every week.<br><br>Golfers don't kick dirt on, or throw bottles at, other people.<br><br>Professional golfers are paid in direct proportion to how well they play.<br><br>Golfers don't get per diem and two seats on a charter flight when they<br>travel between tournaments.<br><br>Golfers don't hold out for more money, or demand new contracts, because of<br>another player's deal.<br><br>Professional golfers don't demand that the taxpayers pay for the courses<br>on which they play.<br><br>When golfers make a mistake, nobody is there to cover for them or back<br>them.<br><br>The PGA raises more money for charity in 1 year than the NFL does in 2.<br><br>You can watch the best golfers in the world up close, at any tournament,<br>including the majors, all day every day for $25 or $30.<br><br>The cost for even a nosebleed seat at the Super Bowl costs around $300 or<br>more unless you buy it from scalpers in which case it's $1,000+.<br><br>You can bring a picnic lunch to the tournament golf course, watch the best<br>in the world and not spend a small fortune on food and drink. Try that at<br>one of the taxpayer funded baseball or football stadiums. If you bring a<br>soft drink into a ballpark, they'll give you two options -- get rid of it<br>or leave.<br><br>In golf you cannot fail 70% of the time and make $9 million a season, like<br>the best baseball hitters (.300 batting average) do.<br><br>Golf doesn't change its rules to attract fans.<br><br>Golfers have to adapt to an entirely new playing area each week.<br><br>Golfers keep their clothes on while they are being interviewed.<br><br>Golf doesn't have free agency.<br><br>In their prime, Palmer, Norman, and other stars, would shake your hand and<br>say they were happy to meet you. In his prime Jose Canseco wore T-shirts<br>that read "Leave Me Alone."<br><br>You can hear birds chirping on the golf course during a tournament.<br><br> At a golf tournament, (unlike at taxpayer-funded sports stadiums and<br>arenas) you won't hear a steady stream of four letter words and nasty name<br>calling while you're hoping that no one spills beer on you.<br><br>Tiger hits a golf ball over twice as far as Barry Bonds hits a baseball..<br><br>Golf courses don't ruin the neighborhood.<br><br><br>
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Very much true! I'm going to copy this if you don't mind and share it with my brothers...all of whom play golf too.<br><br>The only exception is this guy...<br><br><br><br><br>
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You're kidding? He's your brother?<br><br>
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Ok, I was in a rush and didn't compose that last post properly. <br><br>No, John Daley is not my brother. I meant that he is the one exception to what you listed.<br><br>
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Oh, OK.<br><br>And another thing about golf - it would be impossible to get together a bunch of guys for a pick-up game fo touch football and go play in say, Mile High Stadium, or just for the fun of it toss a baseball around Fenway Park.<br><br>But I can go and play some of the very same courses that the pros play, and in fact I have - the TPC at Scottsdale, site of the Phoenix Open comes to mind. And I could never hit a baseball out of Fenway or kick forty-yard field goal, but usually I can hit two or three professional quality golf shots in any round.<br><br>In the past, I've met Jack Nicklaus and Tom Weiskopf, and they couldn't have been more cordial and friendly. On the other hand I had occasion to meet Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry in a San Francisco disco, and they were just a couple of arrogant pr*cks.<br><br>
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Funny you should mention golf:<br><br>Injuries Rising as More Kids Take Up Golf<br><br>[color:red]5.19.05 - The 'Jedi Slaughter' tour begins!</font color=red>
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Ironic though, if you've ever seen how some pro athletes act on a golf course. They often bring their on-field/court/ice aggression and beligerence to the links.<br><br>
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I shot baskets once in Boston Garden. That was pretty cool.<br><br>****************<br>[color:red]Fat people are harder to kidnap</font color=red>
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Not only that but golf is the only sport where it is perfectly acceptable to wash your balls in full view of all who are present.<br><br>
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That's because they have the swelled head of a "pro" player and it goes with them no matter where they go.<br><br><br><br>
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Only one thing<br><br>[color:blue]Golf is an honorable game, with the overwhelming majority of players being<br>honorable people who don't need referees.</font color=blue><br><br>There are Course Marshals every course has at-least one on patrol.<br><br>
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'Professional golfers are paid in direct proportion to how well they play'<br><br>Very good comment, This applies to a lot of football (soccer) players here in the U.K. who continue to play bad week in week out but still pick up a cheque for 10,000 - 60,000 every week.<br><br>
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<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>There are Course Marshals every course has at-least one on patrol.<p><hr></blockquote><p>They're not there to police or referee. They're there to help, keep the speed of play reasonable, give directions, and I've even seen them help look for lost balls.<br><br>