FREE iPods

Posted by: Anonymous

FREE iPods - 04/11/05 08:15 AM

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Posted by: iRock

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 08:33 AM

Sorry. There's about as much chance of that as a Monkeybone sequel.<br><br>
Posted by: Bryan

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 08:41 AM

Great...I just signed where's my iPod?<br><br>
Posted by: steveg

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 10:15 AM

Is there an echo in here? <br><br>
Posted by: Mississauga

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 01:42 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>To help me get my iPod, click this exact link to join, or copy and paste it into a browser:<p><hr></blockquote><p>I chose the option of clicking on that exact link... guess you're SOL!<br><br>
Posted by: trey

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 04:27 PM

Hmm, I guess you're stupid.<br><br>
Posted by: djstefan

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 05:56 PM

I like to stay away from free stuff. Kinda like if a girl offers to give me a "Free" BJ. There's always strings attached. I'd rather pay, thanks! <br><br>_________________________________________<br>Just a different kinda geek...
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 07:42 PM

I'm at a loss for words... I just can't believe I'm going to miss out on a free iPod.<br><br><br><br>CreativeGuy: For your "fix" of design software tips, tricks & commentary.
Posted by: Pete

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 07:45 PM

<embed src="" width=320 height=25 controller=true autoplay=false type=video/quicktime><br><br>[color:red]5.19.05 - The 'Jedi Slaughter' tour begins!</font color=red>
Posted by: steveg

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 08:31 PM

Don't let it getcha down, Giz. Hey, maybe you can get a free BJ from DJ! <br><br>Hey, looky there, I iz a reg'lar Longfeller, eh? <br><br>
Posted by: alAnonymous

Re: FREE iPods - 04/11/05 10:15 PM

You said... "Monkey bone"...<br><br>-------<br>Predictable. Consistent. Either way, it's the same thing.