Posted by: skuldugary

Unsettling - 03/28/05 03:01 PM

After backing up, reformatting, and carefully restoring files, my Mini is flying... until<br>I was working in Photoshop CS yesterday and in the middle of my tinkering an ugly black bar breaks across the screen with white text on it saying something about unknown CPU error and a number of other things which I don't remember. This same message scrolls up several times before it stops and my machine is locked up. <br><br>Naturally, I had to reboot and it's run fine since, but I'm now facing something, clearly more, than just some junk files on my hardrive.<br><br>Could this be the nail in the coffin pointing to a bad RAM?<br><br>
Posted by: iRock

Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 03:48 PM

Sounds like a kernel panic. Could be anything. I have a card game that caused that every time I tried to use it. It could be a ram problem though because PSCS is so memory extensive if you have big graphics. Was the black bar transparent? If not I've never seen that.<br>Maybe someone else has.<br><br>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 03:58 PM

Sure seems like it to me. Send the RAM back.<br><br><br>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 04:21 PM

My machine had kernel panics that turned out to be due to a bad ram chip. The panic could occur anytime, even when nothing was being performed on the computer. <br><br>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 04:23 PM

My G4 iBook exhibited very similar things until I removed the 512 ram stick and replaced it. FWIW, I could usually get mine to lock up like that when I tried to network print anything. <br><br>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 04:35 PM

FWIW you could try here....<br><br>http://www.macupdate.com/info.php/id/15837<br><br>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 04:58 PM

A kernal panic? Never heard of that, but hehe panic is the right word for it. I freaked when I saw my screen fill up with this.<br><br>No, it wasn't transparent. The screen locked on what I was looking at and the text scrolled up.<br><br>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 05:01 PM

Sigh... Looks like that's that I'll have to do.<br>This is the RAM I got and everyone else I've talked had no problems. Just my luck, I guess.<br><br>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 05:02 PM

Do yourself a favor and go through crucial.com- use the drop-down menus to properly select the ram most compatible with the Mac mini...<br><br><br>[color:red]5.19.05 - The 'Jedi Slaughter' tour begins!</font color=red>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 05:03 PM

I've never used anything like this before. Any suggestions on how to use it and how to make sense of what test results show?<br><br>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 06:55 PM

I don't have any familiarity with this particular application, but in general, they access each memory location - store a value, then read to see if the value is correct and can be retrieved. They then report if a memory location is bad.<br><br>
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Re: Unsettling - 03/28/05 07:27 PM

Well, at this point, it can't hurt. <br>thank you<br><br>