For Carp

Posted by: Krasni

For Carp - 11/25/02 12:37 PM

Yesterday night we wanted to go to Hawai. Look at the bottles on the table...<br><br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/25/02 01:34 PM

The two ladies want Hawaii, Gianni is thinking Fiji and the other guy wants to go to San Diego. <br><br>Hawaii is great, hope you get over there sometime.<br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/25/02 02:48 PM

Oh yeah, and the women are the designated drivers here. They at least still can see well enough to know where Hawaii is located.<br><br><br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/25/02 08:33 PM

Dang your pic is broken.<br>Maybe you and hubbie can plan next years vacation here, I would love to treat the two of you to a Luau.<br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/25/02 09:33 PM

Great the pic works this time.<br>Mike I bet the babes win.<br><br>What I would do is.<br>Spend 3 days in San Diego (rest stop from the long flight) - visit the Zoo and Sea World. Have diner at Hernandos Hideway up at Lake Hodges. Take a 40 minute train ride to Delmar and have lunch there. On the way back stop at Blacks beach (nude beach) in front of Scrips Institute of Marine Biology.<br><br>Since there are so many activities, this post could be a mile long. I will keep it short.<br>Then fly to Oahu - for 2 days, Carp takes you both out for a Luau.<br>Then fly to Kauai or Maui for fun in the sun.<br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/26/02 01:03 AM

Wow, even the bottle of water is empty! You really must have been thirsty <br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/26/02 11:22 AM

There were bottles and bottles, he he.<br><br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/26/02 12:41 PM

Hey Carp, how do you know about Lake Hodges? Sounds like you have lived here or something at one time or another.<br><br>Maui is great but has gotten too crowded I think, Kauai was a bit of a disappointment, the Big Island "Hawaii" is my favorite and has the most variety. Oahu was surprisingly very good too, espcially the North Shore in winter and those awesome waves!<br><br>San Diego has a lot of things to choose from, but I wouldn't necessarily follow your itinerary of things to do and see. <br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/26/02 03:34 PM

Boy, you 4 hang out a LOT, huh?<br><br>[color:red]Hold's time for a</font color=red><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/26/02 03:36 PM

We were 5 actually.<br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/27/02 12:52 AM

We were 5 actually.<br>Whos the odd man out? If its a babe post pic. <br><br>Nothing better then food, wine and happy people.<br><br>
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Re: For Carp - 11/27/02 01:42 AM

Mike<br>I wanted to attend Grossmount University "sorta a community college" located in El'CaJon, SanDiego - sorry for the spelling of the names but that was back in the 80s. I forgot.<br><br>Anyway Grossmount was rated at the time as being in the top 5 flying schools. They had a very attractive Pilot course for 10,000 big ones that I could achieve my Commercial pilots license.<br><br>Since I was a single parent at the time, with a 5 year old. I decided that I better check out the school and surrounding areas first. For Day Care, schools, jobs and yada yada, I was not going to just look at a broucher and pull my tents with a child in tow.<br><br>Luckly a co-worker was from San-Diego and she gave me her parents phone numbers. Anyway I set out to look into day care centers locations relative to the school, cost to rent homes - general attitudes of the locals and on and on. I spent 10 days in San Diego.<br><br>The lake Hodges - Hernandos or Hernandez?? It was my friends parents who took me there and on their treat. Her brother took me to other places like Mr As, some high class bar in some skyscraper that the jet planes flying in to land were below you, kinda neat. He also took me to a restaurant called Affendies or Effinedies some Morroccan food, right next door to the Cave which is a Hells Angles hangout.<br><br>San Diego Zoo is world class and so is Sea World. I will take atlease 2 days to really see them both. As for Delmar, I was suggested to take that tour?<br><br>I have a pant load of stories to tell about that trip - I will spare MM from that for now.<br><br>As for the islands - all 7 are very different and offer something special. Keep in mind that if you like the "nite life" there is no way thats going to happen - unless you like strip bars.<br><br>In general - Hawaii is fun in the sun.<br><br>