The scoop on the wagon

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The scoop on the wagon - 03/17/05 07:37 AM

To jump over hyper-space from the Ghost thread. <br>Thanks for the kind wishes everyone, it will probably take 2 months to get it then we have to get OAC of course. I think we are OK there. It always is a little nerve-wracking. <br>Topper it is not AWD. We will just deal with it when it comes. I can always drive the <br>F-250 to work if need be. We really don't get much snow anymore. <br>Skul, not too worried about ash but if need be we can get out quick. Or lava. Yes party is here we have a huge back seat. Hubby checked.<br><br>Rman I have seen a couple of the new Mustangs and they are great looking but I have only seen the hard tops.<br><br>Yes ezrider 340 is plenty. When we tested it the salesman did not go. He did tell us to keep it below 100. We took the onramp to I-5(Rick driving) and were a little behind a truck already on the freeway. Rick stomped on it and we shot past that sucker like buttah. Smooth. It was as close as I've been in a vehicle and had it feel like the lifting thrust of an airplane. We were ecstatic. I drove on one of the country roads so I didn't get too wild, but I went to work and told them, "It was amazing! I went from 30 to 50 before I could even see the needle move." They laughed because they thought I was going to say 100. I can hardly wait to get on the freeway for work every morning. I think at a steady 80mph it will not use as much fuel.<br><br><br>As for geek factor I didn't want a GPS in dash because technology changes too fast and we would like to keep this car ten years. We have a handheld anyway. No satellite radio (sorry Pete) because we already have two iPods and can't see the subscription cost.<br>I am getting hands free phone access built into the mirror and it will be for bluetooth so you can get in and out without interrupting a call. We love the interior. It is stark and clean not unlike the Apple products but it still has plenty of features. And best of all no frickin' road noise!<br><br>Rick is beating them up on the price so it getting close to the same price we paid 1998 for the Blazer.<br><br>I told him I liked it for the thrust. He says I ain't seen nothing yet. What a guy. <br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/17/05 10:32 AM

Congrats on the car! Can't wait to see some pics of you burning some rubber <br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/17/05 04:06 PM

I told him I liked it for the thrust. He says I ain't seen nothing yet. What a guy.<br><br>Are we still talking about the car? <br><br>How's the 98 Blazer holding up? Or did you already get rid of it? My 93 4x4 Blazer was good, but my 97 4x4 (Tahoe package) Blazer was a money pit and eventually developed a known issue (that GM would not acknowledge or repair) where the transmission would start shifting very hard when it got hot (i.e. after a 30 or more mile highway trip). The vehicle pretty much put me off American car companies for good.<br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/17/05 05:57 PM

Engine great, lots of power. Road noise drives me crazy, hate the black paint, seats kill everyone's back. Want to dump it before we have problems. Good fuel mileage. Wouldn't shift out of 4wd last winter and still feels funny but that may just be us. And number one reason it's not a Magnum!<br><br>$28,000 car brand new and they wanted to give us $3,000. Rick wanted to kick the guy's ass. It hasabout 83,000K on it and is not a bad car.<br><br>When we first got it the brakes went out, the hood latch cable broke, airconditioning went out which would have ruined engine if not caught when we did. Heater went out but repair was only $300. I think that's all.<br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/17/05 06:54 PM

Isn't it a Chevy slogan, 'Like a rock'?<br>Should that be changed to a brick?<br><br>Had a factory ordered Blazer. One problem after another.<br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/17/05 09:19 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>I told him I liked it for the thrust. He says I ain't seen nothing yet. What a guy.<p><hr></blockquote><p>I am so incredibly appalled.<br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/17/05 09:51 PM

TMI? Hey just because we have been together 25 years doesn't mean we don't love each other.<br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/17/05 11:17 PM

That's good to hear.<br><br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/18/05 02:17 AM

Congrats again on your new car. <br><br>I have heard that the soft top Mustang will be out at the end of the month.<br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/18/05 05:48 AM

I'll have to look for one of those. I haven't seen one yet.<br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/18/05 07:00 AM

I'm glad to hear everything is progressing smoothly on the car deal. Man I hate dealerships and all the BS that goes with them. My cousin works at a GM dealership and we have bought our last two cars through him. He dispenses with the "I'll have to ask my manager" lines and gives it to us straight. I get the new car itch about every 3 years. I'm going through it now but I want to wait. We really don't need another car yet.<br><br>Hey congrats on being married 25 years. I had no idea. We are approaching 24 this June. We are a rare breed these days. <br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/18/05 07:17 AM

Haha Rick would laugh to hear that. He is trying to get a Dave Smith price from our local dealer. They are jacking us around. One told us the car was ordered he'd give us a quote. The sales manager said no it's not. Rick dealt with them all day and frankly is getting a little cranky tonight. Finally he went to look at MG web pages and listened to the shuffle and is watching a movie now. He needs a break. He has worked on this all day. We are getting one no doubt it's just playing the game.<br><br>Actually we've been together 26 but our wedding anniversary will be the Silver then we are going for the gold.<br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/19/05 02:09 PM

<blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr><p>I get the new car itch about every 3 years.<p><hr></blockquote><p>That's funny how people are so different when it comes to cars.<br><br>I'd still be driving my '94 Miata if I hadn't had the need to get a bigger sedan when we had out daughter. In fact, next year I'll probably look up the guy who bought it from me and try to buy it back, or go find another '94. Or maybe a newer one, not sure. The only problem I ever had with that car was the glove box door hinge broke, and that's being honest. The car literally had zero problems with it the 8 years I had it. Still purred like a kitten and was shiny like new. <br><br>I'll drive my '02 Altima until the tires fall off. At the rate it's going problem wise, that'll be in about 15 years! Right when I first bought the car, it had a recall on the crank sensor, and a new clutch put in (a "service bulletin"), and that's it. Damn good car. Maybe I can meet iRock on the drag strip when they get that Magnum ;)<br><br>On the flip side though, I got rid of an '88 Bronco II for the Miata which was nothing but a huge problem car. The tranny had dropped two gears, the front hubs and bearings needed replacing every year, you name it. I suppose if I had a car like that now, I'd be getting the itch often too.<br><br>
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/19/05 02:34 PM

We kept our first S-10 Blazer 14 years. Getting this car is actually much sooner than we usually replace them but we just have never liked the Blazer that well after we had it the first year or two. And even though Rick keeps saying it's mostly my car, the other night he said, "I've wanted a Magnum ever since I first saw the commercial for one." Hopefully it will be well made enough to keep for 10 years or more. I was glad to hear it. There is a lot of times he runs into town on the weekends that I have to insist he take my car rather than his crappy little Isuzu pick up. I don't think I will have to insist with the Magnum. BTW his big pick up is a 1994 F-250 diesel. He has no plans to replace it. He bought it used and has had it for years.<br><br><IMG SRC="[/image]<br><br>[image]">
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Re: The scoop on the wagon - 03/19/05 06:31 PM

My brother has an F-250 diesel too, I think it's a '95. It's one style newer than that one is (same body, smaller headlights). Still runs great.<br><br>I got his old F-250, which was a '91 I believe. That thing has been through the mill, as he has a lawn business so it was always hauling, towing, you name it. Some kid had t-boned him, and though they fixed it pretty well when I got it the transmission bell housing completely cracked all the way around, so I had to replace it. Took apart the transfer case too. Been running good since, but it is a piece of junk. Perfect though, since all I ever use it for is hauling crap to the dump. <br><br>But man is that truck tough.. even with the transmission housing completely cracked apart I could still drive it. Shuddered like a b i t c h though when I'd engage the clutch :)<br><br>