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Hostage - 03/14/05 12:59 AM

The reviewers said this was a return to the classic "Die Hard" Bruce Willis. Not really... he was barely involved in any of the action. He spent most of the time yelling into a cellphone. And when he was into the action it was in slow-motion. I was hoping he'd be doing one of those "sneaking around, killing each bad guy one-at-a-time" sort of things. Not in this case. Hostage is one of those "mutiny between the bad guys and they grease each other instead of letting our hero get the revenge we've been waiting for" type of dealies. But it was suspenseful nonetheless. The real name of this movie should've been "The Nokia Action Cavalcade Presents a Nokia Production: Hostage... presented by Nokia. Nokia. Nokia. Nokia. Nokia."<br><br>2.5 stars out of 4.<br><br>