WTF is WRONG w/some people?

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WTF is WRONG w/some people? - 01/18/05 05:50 PM

From the Sun-Sentinal:<br><br>WEST PALM BEACH -- A 6-year-old boy shot his 3-year-old brother in the hand Monday with a gun he found in their apartment, police said.<br><br>The family had just returned to their second-story apartment at 1928 Beautiful Ave. when the shooting occurred about 4:45 p.m., police said.<br><br>The boys ran inside and found the gun lying on the couch, their mother told police.<br><br>While their mother waited at the door for her other children to come up the stairs, the 6-year-old shot his brother in the right hand, Detective Joe Filipkowski said.<br><br>The mother took the boy to Good Samaritan Hospital. He was treated for minor injuries and released. Police declined to release the family's identity.<br><br>The mother told police she doesn't keep firearms in her home. A friend of the 6-year-old's father brought the gun into the apartment, Filipkowski said.<br><br>The man, 22, left the gun on the couch when he and the boy's father went to the back porch, Filipkowski said.<br><br>After the shooting, the man took the gun and fled.<br><br>Police and the boy's father spent Monday night looking for the man. When caught, he faces charges of aggravated child abuse, Filipkowski said. <br><br>
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Re: WTF is WRONG w/some people? - 01/18/05 06:16 PM

I'm suprised the father didn't flee too, because I can't imagine the mother being too happy with him either. <br><br><br><br>
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Re: WTF is WRONG w/some people? - 01/18/05 08:23 PM

Well, they lifted the automatic weapons ban a few months back... remember?<br>Columbine...<br>drops in the bucket<br>soon many families drowning in blood...<br>well, guess you'd have to have shot a few times to realize the power<br>fingertip gamble.<br><br>Oct 15, 04. Police fired projectiles upon Oregon protesters. [color:red]Why?</font color=red> Why U.S. citizens?
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Re: WTF is WRONG w/some people? - 01/18/05 11:06 PM

I'm loading up like there's no tomorrow. I have a room full of these babies and am ready to use them any time, any where<br><br><br>
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Re: WTF is WRONG w/some people? - 01/19/05 05:36 AM

You could always move back to NYC where you get your face smashed in for accidentally bumping into someone.<br><br>
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Re: WTF is WRONG w/some people? - 01/19/05 06:25 AM

I figure that since there are millions of people in the world, at any given moment someone somewhere is doing something very very stupid.<br>It might be putting a baby on top of the car and forgetting about him as you drive off<br>Or hiding a gun in the stove<br>Or forgetting to lower the landing gear<br>Or jumping into a lion's den to teach the lions religion <br>Or not declaring income tax on 1.3 million dollars<br>Or...<br><br>Each day I read "oddly enough" type of news and there are some beauties in the world.<br><br>
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Re: WTF is WRONG w/some people? - 01/19/05 07:54 AM

Don't forget Lowell Timmers, 54, of Cedar Springs, Michigan, who decided to drive up to the Secret Service guard shack at the White House and make threats. <br><br>What honestly goes through someone's mind when they do something that stupid?<br><br>Story<br><br>
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Re: WTF is WRONG w/some people? - 01/19/05 12:01 PM

No thanks. Been there, done that.<br><br>
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Re: WTF is WRONG w/some people? - 01/19/05 03:20 PM

Jeez, and I got a stern look when I ran around with a cap gun!<br><br><br><br>[color:red]Go, Team Venture!<br></font color=red>