Cisco uses Xsan for archiving global email

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Cisco uses Xsan for archiving global email - 01/11/05 02:55 PM

adding more info from the article in the front page....<br><br><br><br><br>Apple Storage Solution For the Enterprise<br><br>Digital Strata performed one of the first successful deployments of a massive email archiving solution using Apple's new Xsan storage area network product and Xserve RAID storage subsystems. Cisco Systems will deploy the Apple storage environment to archive the company's global email communications, thus ensuring compliance with government regulatory requirements and internal risk management policies.<br><br>The solution, comprised of Apple's Xserve systems with Cisco storage area networking switches and Digital Strata's Agile-IT services provides Cisco with a state-of-the-art storage solution for its global email services. The solution integrates Cisco MDS 9000 Series SAN Switches with Xserve RAID storage subsystems to provide the highest levels of reliability and availability. The forthcoming release of Apple's Xsan storage area network product will enable the aggregated global storage required for the 128-terabyte system at an unbeatable price point.<br><br>Digital Strata will manage the deployment of the Apple solution to enable Cisco to archive terabytes of corporate email to ensure compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other corporate governance requirements.<br><br>“We are harnessing Apple storage systems in best-of-breed solutions that offer twice the capacity at half the price compared with other enterprise storage vendors,” said Dan Fischler, President of Digital Strata. “By combining Apple's latest enterprise software and hardware systems with our Agile-IT services, we can deliver the adaptive, extensible and flexible solutions that enable our customers to get the most from their IT budgets” <br><br>----<br>:)