Whose Hue?

Posted by: walzuhair

Whose Hue? - 11/13/02 06:38 PM

From Reader's Digest:<br><br>The British Royal Automobile Club came up with a list of what a car's color says about its owner. Here is what your vehicle is telling people about you:<br><br>Black: You're ambitious and status-seeking.<br>Green: You're very traditional and an elitist.<br>Blue: You're a team player and very sociable.<br>White: You're aloof, dutiful and methodical.<br>Gray: You're understated and cautious.<br>Silver: You have a sense of style, but you can be pompous.<br>Red: You're outgoing, impulsive and easily bored.<br><br>What do you think?<br><br><br>
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Re: Whose Hue? - 11/13/02 06:48 PM

Wow...very few of those are flattering.<br><br>----<br>S3V3N<br>Washington, DC USA
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Re: Whose Hue? - 11/13/02 06:59 PM

I had to sell my blue car and I inherited a green car. By NO means, if you saw me driving around in this car, would you say I'm an elitist!!!!<br><br>What about yellow? My wife drives a yellow Xterra!<br><br>[color:red]Hold on...it's time for a</font color=red><br>
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Re: Whose Hue? - 11/13/02 08:09 PM

I was flipping through Reader's Digest and I thought it was interesting, regardless of it being true or false. I did not mean to be offensive in any way S3V3N..<br><br>By the way, do you drive a white car? <br><br>
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Re: Whose Hue? - 11/13/02 08:12 PM

I drive a silver car, and no one on earth would say I have a sense of style Hehe..<br><br>
Posted by: RubenC

Re: Whose Hue? - 11/13/02 08:14 PM

Being as Yellow is a primary color, just take a little of Red and Blue.<br><br>[color:blue]All you need in this life is ignorance and confidence, and then Success is sure - Mark Twain</font color=blue>
Posted by: carp

Re: Whose Hue? - 11/13/02 08:49 PM

For one thing I really never had a choice of color for a car. It seemed that when I do buy a car the color for the model that I wanted was not on the car lot. I always settled for the model I wanted with what ever colors they had. Except White I will never buy a white car - white is to boreing.<br><br>My color choice has always been in the Red spectrum, like Burgondy, maroon, dark reds.<br><br>Colors of cars I owned.<br>Blue - 67 Chevy Nova<br>Maroon - 72 Celica<br>Yellow - 71 Trump TR6<br>Brown - 75 Toyota SR5<br>Brown - 80 Mazado GLC<br>Maroon - 85 El-Camino<br>Dark green - 99 Dodge Stratus<br>Silver - 2001 Crysler Sebring I bought this car for my daughter.<br><br><br>
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Re: Whose Hue? - 11/13/02 09:42 PM

Every new car I have owned has been green. I guess you could say I'm somewhat traditional in values but not at all in my overall outlook on life. <br><br>Elitist? Maybe a little. I own a mac so that makes me special. <br><br>
Posted by: rman

Re: Whose Hue? - 11/13/02 10:37 PM

That interesting of the three cars I have owned:<br><br>Orange - 74 Chevy Vega<br>Black - 84 Ford Mustang<br>Black - 94 Ford Mustang<br><br>
Posted by: OSXaddict

Re: Whose Hue? - 11/14/02 12:10 AM

Interesting...are you gonna get a new car in 2 years?<br><br>I own a red car.<br><br><br><br>
Posted by: Mcteak

Re: Whose Hue? - 11/14/02 12:19 AM

Started thinking about car/truck colors...everything I've owned is mulch, brown or green!<br><br>Too Easy!<br><br>
Posted by: yoyo52

Re: Whose Hue? - 11/14/02 03:38 AM

I've only owned three cars, and all have been the color that was available. Once I've had them for a while, though, they all turn the same color--dust gray.<br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"
Posted by: rman

Re: Whose Hue? - 11/15/02 09:17 PM

I am currently thinking about it.<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Whose Hue? - 11/16/02 01:41 PM

Starting out in about 1966:<br><br>Beige VW Beetle<br>Gold Opel Kadett Rallye<br>Dark Green Volvo 142S<br>Metallic Green Mercury Capri<br>White Volvo 142S<br>Beige Ford Maverick<br>Black VW GTI<br>Red VW GTI<br>Dark Blue VW Jetta<br>Arctic Silver Porsche Boxster<br><br>I did not always choose the colors, but I don't think the colors have much to do with who you are. Next car might be an Audi A4 1.8T, those are nice. Color? I have no idea. Maybe the dark grey/silver.<br><br>EDIT: Oh yeah, couple more cars come to think of it. <br><br>White Geo Metro<br>Green Fiat 850 Spider (the car from HELL!)<br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by mikeb_X on 11/16/02 09:18 AM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>