Hello all

Posted by: adot

Hello all - 05/21/01 03:44 PM

Had a few minutes between meetings and thought I would check out the forum. <br><br>
Posted by: TreeBeard

Re: Hello all - 05/21/01 04:23 PM

hello indeed glad to see the forum filling up so well<br><br>..
Posted by: adot

New forum - 05/21/01 04:32 PM

I like this new format. I just finished showing a school our wirless mobile iBook Lab and now have a strictly PC School looking into the new iBooks. On to the next meeting.<br><br>
Posted by: KateSorensen

Asante wireless internet gateway - 05/21/01 04:57 PM

compatible with Apple airport and sounds not toooo expensive. thot you might like to see it if ya haven't already:<br><br> new wireless from Ansante <br><br>Even might fit the bill for my grandkids and family's set-up.<br><br><br>* * * * * * * * ** * * *<br>Kate<br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by KateSorensen on 05/21/01 01:02 PM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
Posted by: TreeBeard

Re: Asante wireless internet gateway - 05/22/01 05:22 AM

just thought that I'd slip this in here<br><br>..
Posted by: OSXaddict

Hi - 05/22/01 02:17 PM

Hi everyone. Heard about this site at another website and decided to check it out. Seems interesting and the layout is really nice!<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Greetings and Good Luck - 05/23/01 03:51 AM

As I thought I would be, I'm back. Nice site-- I see a new breed of Mac sites rising (this one, theMacMind, AppleTurns continued strength, ...etc). The future looks good folks. Keep up the good work.<br><br>http://www.themacmind.com
Posted by: StanFlack

Re: Greetings and Good Luck - 05/23/01 07:22 AM

Thanks for the support guys! It is appreciated.<br><br>
Posted by: adot

Re: Greetings and Good Luck - 05/23/01 02:23 PM

Thanks for the new site and forum Stan! <br><br>
Posted by: StanFlack

Re: Greetings and Good Luck - 05/23/01 02:42 PM

It's been great fun so far and we have a whole lot more to come, so stay tuned and spread the word. :-)<br><br>Warm regards,<br><br>Stan<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Hello Kate - 05/24/01 03:16 AM

Good to see you here. A little different, isn't it?<br><br>John<br><br>