One of my favorite Christmas memories

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One of my favorite Christmas memories - 12/28/04 06:27 AM

Last Thursday our supervisor came over and said as long as everything was cleared for Friday's paper, we could leave any time and have full pay. We had Friday off. It was at 3 pm and I was due to leave at 5 normally. Earlier in the day Crystal, the gal that dummies papers and does almost everything else imaginable in ad services, had asked me for some photo help. Her dad had traveled from California for the holidays and brought with him some old pictures. About 8 all together. She had told him we could scan them to make them bigger to print. She asked me if I could do that but I had to go to a staff meeting. When we got finished with the meeting I asked her if I could still help. The pictures ranged from 1939 to early 60s. The earliest one taken with his father was the only picture he had of his dad. It was a little dark with the faces in the shadows and had a couple of cracks in it. She wanted him to take it somewhere to get it fixed but he insisted it could not be repaired. He also was a paratrooper in the late 50s in the military and had one taken of a whole group of paratroopers while he was also jumping. It was a record amount of troops jumping at one time in training taken somewhere over North Carolina. I scanned them in at 300 dpi and 150% and tweaked them. I was able to lighten the faces and sharpen, remove spots and clone out the cracks. I then saved them as high res jpegs for her to take home and print. Jpegs because she has a PC and wasn't sure what her program could handle. I then burnt them on a CD for her. I figured that was the most readable file. I ended up staying an hour and a half over when I could have gone home and only got off a half hour early. I really had things to do for Christmas but Rick was going to be gone to work and I thought why not do this for someone that was only asking for a scan and re-size? She works lots of hours and really hard to help everyone else. I then carried on with my Christmas with kind of a warm feeling for her gratitude in the back of my mind. I wasn't even sure if it would print OK for her. <br>When I got to work this morning she came over and told me that she had glossy photo paper and although they took a while to print due to size, they turned out just beautifully. Her dad could not believe it was possible and said it was the best thing for Christmas and it made his holiday. He has some copies to frame now and Crystal has her copies on CD to keep as well. <br>This is the best feeling I can imagine when something only cost me a little of my time. I am so glad I stayed to help. I will try to remember this when someone else asks for help and I think I am too busy. It could make a lot of difference to them.<br><br>
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Re: One of my favorite Christmas memories - 12/28/04 06:59 AM

Nice! It's good to see that with all of the stuff we are expected to buy for each other, the sentimental stuff always makes the best gifts.<br><br>