An ancient puzzle

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An ancient puzzle - 11/09/02 04:51 AM

I'm stumped.<br><br>My youngest has brought home an LC580 which has been biffed by the school. Now, just for old times sake, I tried to fire it up but all I see is the diskette/questionmark icon, so the disk isn't formatted (or is kaput). If I can get a boot diskette for the wee beastie, I'll see if there's a disk problem and if not I'll try to install OS 7.x on it.<br><br>Now, that's a bit of a problem as there are no disks with it, and this machine has no cd drive so it must be booted from a floppy.<br><br>Does anyone know how I can get the necessary files onto a diskette? I sure don't.<br><br>It'll be fun to get it going and maybe I can find some of those old games and programs we used to run way back then <br><br>So, anyone who can offer a suggestion or two, it'll be most welcome. <br><br>Cheers,<br>M1.<br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/09/02 05:12 AM

Check out this page. There's a lot of software there. The LC 580 can boot up to 8.1, I think.<br><br>edit: changed url.<br><br>Great wits are sure to madness near allied.--John Dryden, "Absalom and Achitophel"<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by yoyo52 on 11/09/02 00:16 AM (server time).</EM></FONT></P>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/09/02 06:08 AM

A long time ago I found two Mac SE's at the dump. For fun I brought them home. Both came up with the blinking question mark. Through the years I had a few Macs have drive start up problems because of "stiction". The drive arm would get slightly magnetized and touch the disk. Because there is zero torque on start up the drive won't spin.<br>The cure: plug in, hit the start up and as the computer works through the "choing" start banging the computer on the floor repeatedly. The two I found at the dump I wacked on the cellar floor and they started right up. One was a lawyer with tons of games. Played "Scarab of Rah".<br>A lab computer had this problem and I had to get the data fast. I ended up popping the top on the drive and using a Phillips screw-driver to kick start on the axle screw. Needless to say, I backed it up and replaced that drive.<br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/09/02 07:36 AM

Nice find<br><br>Will someone be doing that with our G4s someday? Like in less than 10 years!?<br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/09/02 11:51 AM

Never! I keep all my old Macs, Still have an old Mac Plus and Classic II up in the attic at home.<br><br>"I'd hate to die twice. It's so boring."<br>- Richard P Feynman, Last Words<br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/09/02 07:38 PM

Yo Yoyo,<br><br>Great link. I've downloaded the disk images for system 7 and I'll try to create the floppies on the Win 98 box (No FDD on the Macs unfortunately - ironic?)<br><br>Lotsa good stuff on that Apple site.<br><br>Thanks a bunch for the heads-up dude. <br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/09/02 07:44 PM

LOL. Brain surgery it wasn't but effective none the less, huh? With my luck, I'd drop the 580 and set fire to it. The HDD appears to be working on the machine...there's a high-pitched whirring sound on initial startup that stops after a few seconds and it's not the FDD. I'll try using the disk tools disk to 'find' the HDD and if that fails, I'll give your method a shot. Whadda I have to lose?<br><br>Thx for your suggestion.<br><br>Cheers,<br>M1.<br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/09/02 10:43 PM

Try to Re-seat the ram chips.<br>I got the same error and Apple told me to pull the ram chips out, check for dust and re-seat them. Worked on my Performa 600 CD.<br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/09/02 10:52 PM

I'll try that. Thanks for the advice Carp. :-)<br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/10/02 01:20 AM

Does anyone have a copy of Stuffit Expander that will run on OS 7.6.1 that they can email me as a self extractor? My version needs at least OS 8 and of course I need to have Stuffit already on the 580 in order to unstuff the versions of Stuffit I want to install. But if I had it on the 580, I wouldn't bloody need to messing around installing the bloody thing!!!<br><br>Aaaaaaarrrrrrrgh! <br><br>/rant.<br><br>I'm calm now. So, can somebody help with a Stuffit Expander that will; (a) Run on 7.6.1, and (b) Arrive stuffed as a self extractor so I don't need to have it already installed.<br><br>Thanks a whole heap to anyone who can help.<br><br>BTW, Stuffit for the PC can't unstuff some Mac files - something to do with the Mac file forks on Win 98 FAT 32 systems. Load of MS cr@p!<br><br>What's up with that, huh? <br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/10/02 02:14 AM

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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/10/02 02:34 AM

Hi Bigger...could you try that again as a self-extractor?<br><br>I'm having to load the program onto the 580 with a floppy, which means I have to put the file onto the floppy with the PC since my Macs don't have floppy drives. I think the transfer of the files via the PC is stripping the resource forks because the 580 doesn't recognise the installer as a Mac executable...just a data file that it attempts to open in simpletext. *sigh*<br><br>I shoulda known this wasn't going to be easy. I think I'll buy a usb floppy drive.<br><br>Hopefully in .sea format the files will arrive intact. If not, it's back to the drawing board.<br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/10/02 02:56 AM

okay, try<br><br>it is in Mac .sea format<br><br>
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Re: An ancient puzzle - 11/10/02 03:08 AM

Thanks Bigger. If this doesn't work, I'll borrow a beige G3 and work it out from there. I really appreciate the help.<br><br>Cheers,<br>M1.<br><br><br><br>