Posted by: Trog

Pac-10 - 12/05/04 11:25 PM

<br><br><br><br>For the second straight year the BCS takes a steaming dump on the Pac-10.<br><br>Last year, despite being ranked #1 in both polls, in the final week the BCS ditched USC and chose LSU for the championship Sugar bowl.<br><br>This year Cal is ranked higher in both polls (again), wins over the weekend, but gets ditched in the last week by the BCS for Texas (who didn't play).<br><br>Great system this BCS. Oh well, at least a lot of people in the business make more money this way, instead of a ridiculous playoff system that might actually determine who really deserves these titles. <br><br><br><br>When did the National Guard turn into the foreign legion?