Posted by: DaddyMac

Hey! - 10/28/02 03:33 AM

What the hell are you reading THIS for? There's one hell of an exciting World Series on TV right now..<br><br>Go, go...I'll watch the forum for you...<br><br>[color:red]Hold on...it's time for a</font color=red><br>
Posted by: Mcteak

Re: Hey! - 10/28/02 03:37 AM

I've been baited and caught! I'am stuck having to do some work and missed the game or missing it!<br><br>Too Easy!<br><br>
Posted by: Lori

Re: Hey! - 10/28/02 03:40 AM

I just dropped in to tell you that hey (hay) is for horses!<br><br><br>
Posted by: iRock

Re: Hey! - 10/28/02 03:41 AM

No thanks, I'll wait for Becker. Tata<br><br>When it comes to a pissing match - apathy wins.<br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: Hey! - 10/28/02 06:32 AM

The Angels had it won right after that 3-run shot early in the game...<br><br>[color:red] Kiss My Banana!</font color=red>
Posted by: carp

Re: Hey! - 10/28/02 06:46 AM

Was there BaseBall on tonite???<br><br>
Posted by: OSXaddict

Re: Hey! - 10/28/02 10:51 AM

No, it's 550am..the game has been over a long time now..Angels won. <br><br>