Russian Commando…

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Russian Commando… - 10/27/02 11:10 AM

…screwed up. How sad! What do you think?<br><br>
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Re: Russian Commando… - 10/27/02 11:12 AM

I read this morning that now the count of dead hostages is up to 140, double what was originally reported. <br><br>
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Re: Russian Commando… - 10/27/02 11:17 AM

it's the gas they used. it's not for sleep but to kill. can you beleive? and i read that the commando wouldn't give out the composition of the gas, so the doctors don't know what they are treating.<br><br>
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Re: Russian Commando… - 10/27/02 01:03 PM

Well, let's see...sit back and let the rebels blow up the entire building..killing all of the hostages, some 700 or so of them...hmmmmm<br><br>OR...storm it like they did, and suffer some hostage deaths...which would have happened either way, but this way it was less..hmmmmmm<br><br>Let's see..President Putin stated:<br>Russia "cannot be forced to its knees," President Vladimir Putin declared afterward on national television, but acknowledged the heavy cost to victims' families. "We could not save everyone. Forgive us," he said.<br><br>So it's not like they went in there, killed them and said "Yeehaw!!" Any deaths are regretable, but to save as many lives as they did was great!<br><br><br> Had the attackers detonated the charges, the toll of innocents would have been much higher, Deputy Interior Minister Vladimir Vasilyev said.<br><br><br><br>So...go sit back on your armchair and tell coaches how to coach football. I think the Russian Special Forces did an awesome job with what they had and how it came out.<br><br>
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Re: Russian Commando… - 10/27/02 03:49 PM

I'm not up to speed on this story... but it seems to me there really is no good way to end these hostage situations.<br><br>[color:red] Kiss My Banana!</font color=red>
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Re: Russian Commando… - 10/28/02 11:03 AM

Most of the hostage situations in the last 20 years were solved with just a few casualitites regardless the number of hostages. Pumping a military gas to kill the chechens as well as the hostages is a BAD decision. No matter how many lives they saved.<br><br>Most of the hostages were unconscious by the time they were brought out from the building. 120 or so already dead from the gas and 200 or so are dieing. How can anyone call that a success? Also, they killed all the unconscious chechens with a gunshot in the forehead. What's that for?<br><br>One doctor expressed frustration at being powerless to help survivors. "I saw no gunshot wounds at all. Those who died had swallowed their vomit or their tongues or their hearts had stopped," he said.<br><br>Paul Beaver, of the London-based security and defence consultancy Ashbourne Beaver Associates, said the operation would be considered a success in military terms, defined as fewer than 30 percent casualties.<br><br>But he said most military gases have antidotes and it may have been a flaw in planning if the attack was launched without making sure there was enough antidote to treat freed hostages.<br><br>