A legend died today

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A legend died today - 06/21/01 11:21 PM

As you might have noticed in the news today, John Lee Hooker died in his sleep at age 80. <br><br>Quite possibly the baddest man that ever lived and God to me.<br><br>Hasn't really sunk in yet. Only thing i can think to do is go home, listen to any of the 40-50 hours of his recordings i cherish and get really stinkin' drunk.<br><br>If anyone cares to join me, i'm buyin......<br><br>Here's hopin that he's in heaven, sittin down.<br><br><br><br>
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Re: A legend died today - 06/22/01 12:45 AM

here here... raise one for me grok<br><br>***<br>"The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left." <br> -- Ecclesiastes 10:2
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Re: A legend died today - 06/22/01 01:55 AM

hooker is my second favorite musician behind bb king. sad day. i am listening to a little bit of the healer -- the album that brought him back into the limelight in the late 80's. what a voice...what a voice...<br><br>why i love the blues:<br>"The blues don't make you poor, the blues don't bring you down. [The] blues is a thing, you get sad, like when things ain't going right... the blues picks you up. Blues is a pick-up, it's not a let-down."---John Lee Hooker <br><br><br><br>[color:blue] -sean</font color=blue>
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Re: A legend died today - 06/23/01 08:47 PM

The Stranglers were right in the end; there are no more heroes. John Lee will live forever on my turntable and CD player…<br><br>