I've got nothing to lose but my apathy now?

Posted by: TheGreatDivide

I've got nothing to lose but my apathy now? - 09/02/04 09:41 AM

In the coarse of all the previous events<br>it is evident that somethings bound to happen<br>come on rear your ugly head to me<br>I've got nothing to loose but my apathy<br><br>the root of the problem has been<br><br>i s o l a t e d - that was all brought to you by Clutch's lyrics, hard rock band, midwest/Utah errr sum genus.<br><br>:<br><br>Cultish anyone? Need members so bad we'll use women as hosts?<br>YIKES, I'm dipping my mind into he)) for that one-<br><br>read on, in disbelief if you have any sense:<br><br>Conservative Christians rally for a 'culture war' <br>NEW YORK <br>At an invitation-only Bush campaign rally, Senator Sam Brownback of Kansas urged conservative Christian supporters to "win this culture war" and called for a broad socially conservative agenda, including requirements that pregnant women considering abortions be offered anesthetics for their fetuses. Called the Family, Faith and Freedom Rally in e-mail invitations sent to Christian conservatives in New York for the convention, the event was organized by the Bush-Cheney campaign to "celebrate America and President George W. Bush," according to a copy of the invitation. <br><br><br>-> little men<br>big guns<br>pointed at our heads<br><br>get out of our heads<br><br>your nothing like us<br><br>fah q pigs<br>and I'm not talking Mansion or Eminem BS...<br>more like Bjork's fist to your faces<br>many faces and lies<br><br>connect the dots and rise<br>or become what is feared most of all<br>enslaved<br><br>humans are not supposed to be machines<br><br>goodnight woops<br>good morning ; )<br><br><br>THE CHOICE IS YERZ<br><br>Who ya wanna REALLY jive with?<br>The invented or the originals?<br><br>Ahhhh, got ya.<br><br>[color:red]!sevaS trA</font color=red>