•Apple Newton 2100

Posted by: JohnR

•Apple Newton 2100 - 06/18/04 01:03 AM

•I was showing Amy these messagepads that Apple made awhile back and thought it would be neat to have one. I'm not much for PDA's but these are pretty cool.<br><br>Is the model 2100 the best one they had? How is the 2000? I see both of them on ebay at decent prices....<br><br>
Posted by: iRock

Re: •Apple Newton 2100 - 06/18/04 06:21 AM

That might be something to hang onto for a collector's item if not just plain fun as a toy.<br><br>
Posted by: walzuhair

Re: �Apple Newton 2100 - 06/18/04 11:21 AM

We use the MessagePad 2000 in the living room as our telephone directory. But we're slowly phasing it out and using the Palm Vx since it's smaller and more portable.<br><br>We have the external keyboard, 4MB memory card, leather case and power adapter. It's nice to have as a collector's item as Shelli said, but there are better solutions if you just want a PDA.<br><br>
Posted by: JohnR

Re: �Apple Newton 2100 - 06/18/04 12:20 PM

Ahh well, I think they look pretty cool even though they are pretty big.<br><br>
Posted by: hayesk

Re: •Apple Newton 2100 - 06/18/04 01:15 PM

2000 wasn't bad. Newtons had fantastic software, but they were too big and poor syncing software. If Apple made a lower priced Newton mini with good sync software, they would have flown off the shelves.<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: •Apple Newton 2100 - 06/18/04 03:53 PM

Old Apple stuff is fun to have around. I have the original Apple PowerCD, as well as the Quicktake Camera. Too bad the CD is SCSI 1, and the camera uses ADB. <br><br>I actually still use the PowerCD. Since it's a stand-alone device, I don't have to have it connected to a computer, so I have it connected to some speakers in the living room – it makes for a VERY easy on the eyes/small entertainment sound system.<br><br>I'm MacGizmo,[color:red] and I approved this message.</font color=red>