Skies Over DC Tonight

Posted by: alAnonymous

Skies Over DC Tonight - 06/08/04 03:38 AM's awfully loud around here tonight. I'm...whoa...seriously that sounded like gunfire going off... police sirens and fly-overs have been happening for the last 1/2 hour. I wonder what's going on... maybe it's just my neighborhood degentrifying.<br><br>
Posted by: djstefan

Re: Skies Over DC Tonight - 06/08/04 03:17 PM

In the SE, you just described a regular night... <br><br>ME: "What's that hole in your headlight?"<br>Friend: "A bullet went through it."<br>ME: "How come?"<br>Friend: "Drove through a shootout on my way to Tracks."<br>ME: "Ah, that makes sense."<br>Friend: "Fruckin neggs, that light gonna cost me 300$."<br>ME: "HAHAHAHAHA"<br><br>That was back in the days when we used to drive through the whole SE to get to Tracks before they closed it down. When I tell that story here in Calgary, people look at me like I'm crazy and just came out of Vietnam! <br><br>_________________________________________<br>You expect me to sign here or somethin?