iPod for windows

Posted by: Anonymous

iPod for windows - 10/11/02 03:24 AM

I was looking to get an iPod for windows and I wandered if you need to buy a firewire card to run it or is it USB.<br><br>
Posted by: Trog

Re: iPod for windows - 10/11/02 03:27 AM

Firewire only, bud. <br><br>But cards are cheap, and firewire owns USB's skinny little butt anyway.<br><br>
Posted by: MacGizmo

Re: iPod for windows - 10/11/02 03:42 AM

Get a firewire card, you can use a digital camcorder and the iPod with it...<br><br><br>[color:red]What? I don't understand. What?</font color=red>