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ZoneZero, from Analog to Digital - 05/20/04 06:36 AM

ZoneZero <br><br>ZoneZero, from analog to digital, is geared toward promoting photography and the digital arts. The site is presented in both English and Spanish for an international public, as evidenced by the Gallery exhibitions of images from Africa, Asia, South America, the United States, China to name just a few of the locales and home bases of the featured artists. ZoneZero should be of interest to both professional photographers as well as amateurs just entering the arena. Should you be so inclined, you can even submit your own work for inclusion in the Gallery or the Portfolio section. See you in pictures!<br><br>The previous is the description I got from the site of the day emails I subscribe to. After looking at it hoping to learn more about digital photography, I discovered far more. The gallery is wonderful from the haunting photography of Rosa Revsin accompanied by the text of Juan Rulfo’s writings.<br><br>" Some one said: you don´t know of the soul’s mourning hours"<br><br>to black & white photos, yet full of life like Humberto Farro's "Bar El Chino"<br>as he describes it, "On the walls of "El Chino" bar, with their 50 years of history and memories, there are pictures, paintings, autographs and posters randomly placed next to a couple of singers and a guitar, this is sufficient to take us back to a past that is not that far awayin terms of time, but very far from our present reality. A past that we are losing."<br><br>Another I liked was Julio López Saguar's series, "Inside, Under, Behind", a complete work of 'covered' objects.<br><br><br><br>Also of note the abandoned jail in Mexico by Pericles Lavat<br>and the following of street violence by Diego Levy in Buenos Aires.<br><br>I expect to return to this site many times as I have only skimmed the surface. They also have Moblogs which are done with camera phones instead of text. Hope you enjoy this.<br>And that Alex hasn't posted it and I missed it.<br><br>
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Re: ZoneZero, from Analog to Digital - 05/20/04 07:56 AM

Wow, there's some really fantastic stuff there! I've barely began to scratch the surface too.<br><br>