Posted by: cesrivas

DeskShadePlus - 04/04/04 11:21 PM<br><br>I like this feature of DeskShade Plus: DeskLock<br><br>from site<br><br><br>DeskLock<br><br>There are always people who'd like to sneak around in your files while you are away. <br><br><br>DeskLock protects your Mac when you leave. Enter a password, an away message and you are ready to go.</p><br><p>DeskLock away messages are quite flexible. Different fonts, colors<br>and images are no problem at all. Maybe you want to display a small<br>photo album while you're gone? Feel free to do so, there are no<br>limitations (except the size of your screen).<br><br><br><br>It's extremely easy to add this styled goodness. Alignment, fonts and color<br>choices are a click away in the toolbar. Drop or paste your image<br>artwork, and your message is ready for consumption.<br>If you like to just lock and get out, no problem. There are three<br>options: always use the same away message, don't use an away message or<br>enter a new one every time.<br><br>Entering a new password every time is also optional. You can always use<br>the same password (when this is enabled in the preferences). In<br>combination with always the same away message or no away message, this<br>results in immediate DeskLock. Your computer's safety is only one<br>hotkey away.<br><br><br><br>%-) <--- me?