What would you offer to the spirits?

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What would you offer to the spirits? - 04/01/04 06:57 AM

Cambodian cuts off penis to feed spirit<br><br>PHNOM PENH (Reuters) - A Cambodian man cut off his penis when he said he was visited by four hungry spirits in a dream and he had no chicken or duck to offer them.<br><br>According to police, 33-year-old Soun Ney told the spirits to go away when they first appeared to ask for food, and waved his penis at them in defiance.<br><br>"Devils, I don't have any chicken or duck for you," he was quoted as saying by local police chief Phoeung Vat. "If you want to eat anything, you can eat my penis."<br><br>Soun Ney said the spirits agreed to eat his penis. He was rushed to a hospital near the capital Phnom Penh after he castrated himself with a butcher's knife.<br><br>"He is lucky to be alive," Phoeung Vat told Reuters.<br><br>Villagers in the deeply impoverished southeast Asian traditionally offer chicken, duck or cake to the spirits of the dead to ward off bad luck.<br><br>
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Re: What would you offer to the spirits? - 04/01/04 07:31 AM

Now where would he get a half-cocked idea like that?<br><br>Did the doctors perform an addadictomy?<br><br>