Sarah Brightman Limited DVD

Posted by: djstefan

Sarah Brightman Limited DVD - 03/30/04 07:01 AM

Got this today and I had the surprise of seeing her videoclips on a DVD. It is the Canadian Limited edition Package. Some amazing stuff and got it all from Futureshop for 22$ CA with the Audio CD. <br><br><br><br>On<br><br>_________________________________________<br>You expect me to sign here or somethin?
Posted by: six_of_one

Re: Sarah Brightman Limited DVD - 03/30/04 12:37 PM

Nice cover art ;-)<br><br>I listened to a couple samples at your Amazon link - sounded a little too much like Kate Bush on Xanax for my tastes, but maybe they were just bad clips ;-)<br><br>Anyways, glad you got a good deal - enjoy!<br><br>***matt<br><br>Turn up the signal, wipe out the noise ...