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Annie Lennox - 03/01/04 05:12 AM

Caught the tail end of the Oscars. I think Annie Lennox is sexy as all hell. She's like the female David Bowie, without the crazy eyes. I would so do her... that is, if she was into dorky computer losers.<br><br>
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Re: Annie Lennox - 03/01/04 06:21 AM

um, i like her voice. i'd buy that song, "there must be an angel..." if i could find it on iTMS. doh, just found it; it was the eurythmics...and, i am not wasting my free yellow cap on that, but i like the tune. actually, i have the CD somewhere and i just need to find it. i think it's in storage in the back room. oops, you were saying?<br><br>--------------<br>"Question with boldness even the existence of a god."<br> A letter to Peter Carr, 10 August 1787 by Thomas Jefferson
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Re: Annie Lennox - 03/01/04 06:44 AM

You know, it's funny, I was talking to Annie the other day. She was like,<br>"There's this guy named Sam... I so want to do him. how do you feel about the internet?"<br><br>
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Re: Annie Lennox - 03/01/04 06:45 AM

Don't even play with my emotions like that! <br><br>
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Re: Annie Lennox - 03/01/04 07:22 AM

David Bowie is beautiful in everyway! Each year that man lives he becomes more and more and more. And his eyes are the greatest— and and and I get to see him again in May! Woooo-hoooo<br><br>
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Re: Annie Lennox - 03/01/04 02:30 PM

I agree - she's a class act all the way. But she does have interesting eyes. They are very "expressive".<br><br>
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Re: Annie Lennox - 03/01/04 04:13 PM

RE: computer dorks. <br>Yer in luck. How many years was she with Dave Stewart?<br><br>===================<br><br>S3V3N<br>Washington, DC USA
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Re: Annie Lennox - 03/01/04 04:14 PM

Heh heh - he even makes a cameo in the movie Hackers. I believe he is credited as "British Hacker"<br><br>