Guided By Voices

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Guided By Voices - 02/17/04 06:41 AM

Learning To Hunt<br><br>You were a child reaching out brave and true<br>For big things in the next room<br><br>And I couldn't step into such open sky<br>Where on the crest of uncertainty you loom<br><br>I'm learning to hunt for you<br><br>Say that you'll never run too far away<br>Even with all the answers out there<br><br>Where it's brighter but no one will care<br>Half as much as I care about you<br><br>I'm learning to hunt for you<br><br>_RobertPollard_<br><br><br>
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Re: Guided By Voices - 02/17/04 08:37 AM

Great band...from right here in my hometown...<br><br><img src=><br><br>
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Re: Guided By Voices - 02/17/04 02:57 PM

I love that photo! Such a young man back then. <br>Here's the Bob I am familiar with:<br><br>(I was at this show!)<br><br><br><br>