Pergo floor overrated

Posted by: JonnyCat

Pergo floor overrated - 01/30/04 04:51 PM

Started installing Pergo flooring.<br><br>This stuff is over priced and overrated in my opinion. Found 3 damaged planks already, quality of workmanship and shipping is questionable.<br><br>If it were half the price, I'd think it was good value.<br><br>[color:blue]All your sock puppets are belong to us</font color=blue>
Posted by: Lori

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/30/04 04:55 PM

DID YOU SEE ANYTHING ELSE OUT THERE WORTH LOOKING AT THEN?<br>WE WANT TO PUT NEW EASY CARE FLOORING IN THE BEACH HOUSE WE RENT OUT.<br><br>OH MAN....sorry for shouting.<br>I forgot to turn my shouting off after my last post.<br><br><br>My Stuff
Posted by: JonnyCat

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/30/04 05:05 PM

there's the problemo in a nutshell, nothing less expensive and comparable.<br><br>for me, if I was to do a big floor job, I would spend the extra bucks and get real hard wood floor.<br><br>the other alternative is to look at ceramic flooring. We are doing the laundry room with pergo and were considering do another room, but after seeing the stuff we are going to use a nice quality ceramic floor instead. a little less in price but better results.<br><br>[color:blue]All your sock puppets are belong to us</font color=blue>
Posted by: Lori

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/30/04 05:08 PM

thanks JC...maybe we will do a durable linoleum/vinyl type flooring then.<br>It is a rental beach house and we just want easy care stuff.<br><br><br>My Stuff
Posted by: hayesk

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/30/04 06:00 PM

Ceramic is very good in high traffic (and wet) areas, but tiles are really hard to replace if damaged. If you drop a glass on a ceramic tile the right way, the corners can shatter.<br><br>For a rental house, I would do vinyl in the kitchen/batchrooms, and some type of laminate in the other rooms. In my own house, I have ceramic in the bathrooms and foyer, vinyl in the kitchen, and hardwood in the family room. The rest is carpet, which I want to change to hardwood in the future.<br><br>
Posted by: DaddyMac

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/30/04 06:21 PM

Sorry to hear you had such a bad experience...I'm sure we bought a LOT more than you guys did, and we only had the occasional damaged board...<br><br>Guess it depends on the store...<br><br>
Posted by: garyW

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/30/04 08:42 PM

I just completed a remodel with installation of 1400 sq. of bamboo floor. The contractor said it was a pretty difficult job, but man-o-man is this stuff sweet! The 5/8" boards glued right down on the concrete slab. Natural wood, so nothing was absolutely perfect, but the end result was worth the stress and expense. The downside is that we've found it scratches and dents too easily (we take the zen approach and now remove shoes at the door). Pergo is somewhat indestructible, but since it's basically a printed picture on plastic, and patterns can been seen to repeat in larger areas, we didn't consider it although the price was right. Bamboo has a great look, kills no trees, and cost US$3.20/ft + install. It can be maintained just like any other hardwood floor.<br><br><br>
Posted by: greenme1

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/30/04 09:52 PM

A bamboo floor would look really pretty. <br><br>
Posted by: lislaz

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/30/04 10:45 PM

That bamboo floor must look pretty. Might you spare us a picture? I wanna see! <br><br>
Posted by: garyW

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 12:20 AM

I'll borrow a digital cam and snap some photos over the weekend.<br><br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 12:53 PM

The bamboo flooring is very nice, but we heard it was also one of the softer varieties out there, so we stayed away from it. <br><br>We are very happy with the Bruce Baltic Plank Honey (oak species distressed) engineered hardwood floor we had installed in our new house. About $14/sq foot installed as I recall, maybe a bit more or less. <br><br><br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 02:17 PM

Marg, if you have an IKEA store nearby, check out their Tundra flooring. It is a laminate, looks pretty good. Only about $2 a sq ft as I recall. I don't know how the workmanship is compared to Pergo, but might be worth checking it out. Actually, I did a bit of research on it and came to the conclusion that the same company that makes the Pergo makes the Tundra. So it may well be the same stuff, just under different brand names. It sure looks just about identical to Pergo. <br><br>
Posted by: mojo_jojo

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 02:27 PM

Just recently refinished the hardwoods in the kitchen, dining area. When we had the floor installed we chose solid clear, red oak in a three inch width, with a natural finish. Looked at the prefinished floors from pergo amongst others but ultimately decided on "biting the bullet" and went for the real stuff. The only thing I would do differently is use an oil based poly rather than the water base. <br><br><br><br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 02:37 PM

Looks really great! Gotta be careful though not to have any water related accidents with it in the kitchen, wood and water...well you know.<br><br>We were looking at laminates at first as well, but also decided to bite the bullet and go for the real thing. <br><br>Anyway, yours looks really great! <br><br>
Posted by: DaddyMac

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 03:43 PM

Who you callin' Marg?<br><br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 04:05 PM

Oops, sorry about that Lori. I stand corrected DM. <br><br>
Posted by: Lori

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 06:18 PM

That's ok, I'm getting used to it now <br><br><br>My Stuff
Posted by: carp

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 07:56 PM

Lori<br><br>Go with Armstrong inter-locking Laminate flooring.<br>Much Much better then the over rated Pergo.<br><br>I would NOT recommend Pergo to anyone - I wish I could have helped Hagen before his purchase of Pergo.<br><br>Pergo like Corian solid surfaces ARE name brand products - They cost more simply because they invented the products and marketed them first - Has nothing to do with quality.<br><br>Example<br>Pergo is made with Medium Density Partical Board with a paper backing. <--- A tiny bit of moister will buckle that flooring system<br><br>Armstrong is made with High Density fiber "MDF" with a Phonolic Laminate backing <---- Much better protection from moister<br><br>Inter-Locking means that you and hubbie can easily install the flooring - No hassel with gluing every joint and the glue causes swelling at the joints that gives the wave ripple effect.<br><br>I suggest<br>Buy the thicker "Blue" dubble sided foam moister barrier underlayment. Lay that down first - Then lay another Blue "single" side foam underlayment ontop of that. This will help to trap water between the 2 layers of foam plus the Armstrong laminate backing adds more protection then the Pergos Paper back.<br><br>Start the flooring at the center of a Hallway - Use a Chaulk Line !!!!<br><br><br>
Posted by: carp

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 08:07 PM

The contractor said it was a pretty difficult job,<br><br>No Shiit<br>A contractor nearly went bankrupt installing a 1,600 square home.<br>The problem was the Home Owner bought Chinese Bamboo at which the manufactoring was well very crappy. All the bamboo thickness varied greatly.<br><br>The contractor had to barrel sand the entire floor and refinish it - Remember that Bamboo is very soft which made it very tricky. That poor slob came close to eating the whole job. I felt sorry for the guy, what a nightmare<br><br>
Posted by: DaddyMac

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 10:31 PM

Well, thanks for telling ME before I bought about $1,000 worth of the stuff...<br><br>
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 01/31/04 10:56 PM

I think Pergo is probably fairly decent, but there are always going to be cases where people have issues with it due to poor installation and/or a bad batch. I wouldn't worry about it too much DM. Hope it endures for you. <br><br>
Posted by: garyW

Re: Pergo floor overrated - 02/01/04 01:38 AM

The job was difficult mostly because we were remodeling on a 22 year old home -- not a single straight line in the place. The slab was in pretty good shape after removal of the pre-existing tile, but they had to float sections to get it level. We opted to remove all baseboards and put in a "fry molding", which is a 1-1/2" metal reveal, so all the walls had to be cut on the bottom and retextured, that makes the walls look like they're floating. It's a detail that was used in the 50's modernist homes and is becoming popular again. All the bamboo edges had to be perfect with room enough for expansion without a baseboard to hide things. <br><br>The installation also began in the large living room and worked back towards the kitchen, den and entry where there is a large interior portion, kind of like a doughnut where they had to have the planks meet up perfectly 20' later on the back side.... with no walls perfectly square it was a cause for celebration when the moment arrived and everything lined up perfectly. That required keeping things perfectly in line without any drift. These guys did a great job.<br><br><br><br><br><br>