Could a Gamecube do this?

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Could a Gamecube do this? - 12/03/03 09:02 PM

Xbox deflects real bullets<br>  <br>Irate Marylander shoots his roommates' console, but the 9mm round fails to penetrate its casing. <br><br> When called to investigate a shooting last Friday night, police in Anne Arundel County, Maryland found an unlikely culprit--an Xbox. <br><br>The Baltimore Sun reports that 34-year old Robert Preston Kersey had grown enraged by his roommates constantly playing their Xbox at high volume. According to the police report, Kersey emerged from his bedroom at 2 a.m. brandishing an automatic pistol. Rather than shoot his roommates, Kersey took aim at the offending Xbox and fired a single shot at the console. While the bullet's impact disabled the Xbox, its thick plastic casing deflected the 9mm round, which ricocheted away harmlessly. <br><br> Other than the Xbox, no injuries resulted from the incident. Kersey was later booked on two counts of reckless endangerment and one count of destruction of property<br><br>
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Re: Could a Gamecube do this? - 12/03/03 09:16 PM

Why did the article call the X-box the 'culprit'? <br><br>
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Re: Could a Gamecube do this? - 12/03/03 10:14 PM

"Why did the article call the X-box the 'culprit'?"<br><br>Guess it's just an old habit when speaking of Microsoft products. <br><br>
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Re: Could a Gamecube do this? - 12/03/03 11:01 PM

It's a game box.<br>it's body armor<br>it's a game box<br>no, it's body armor<br>it's a game box you jerk<br>no! it's body armor you idiot!<br>hold on, there. you're both right. it's a game box AND body armor. yes, the x-box doubles as a mobil entertainment unit fully bullet resistant. if holding up a bank is tired and boring, pick up your favoriate game and see if you can hit that high score while score that big hit. how about you soldiers out there. defending our country gotten you down? what better way to lighten the mood of a fire fight than a snappy game of off road rally? and for those of you with martial spats, don't go to the counselors office without your x-box<br><br>(nods to saturday night live)<br><br>The thread killer