Apple is doomed!

Posted By: Mike

Apple is doomed! - 11/28/18 08:27 PM

Or, what was that infamous descriptive adjective for our favorite fruit company in the old days? “Beleaguered Apple is in trouble again!”: frown
“Microsoft Corp's stock market value surpassed Apple Inc's, pulling ahead by as much as $3 billion on Wednesday as the Windows software maker benefited from optimism about demand for cloud computing services.”—-
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Re: Apple is doomed! - 12/09/18 05:53 AM

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Re: Apple is doomed! - 01/21/19 09:40 PM

Wot Apple Needs is
The THIRD Coming of Steve Jobs.

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Re: Apple is doomed! - 10/25/19 10:35 AM

I'm not holding my breath on that one. ;-)
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