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Apple Customer Service - 07/16/10 01:02 PM

:)I want to congratulate Apple Customer Service in Singapore. On Sunday night when I went to put on my Mac Book Pro 13inch the power adopter did not turn on and no light appeared at all. A flashing question mark was on the screen and that was all I saw. I learned that it could not find the OS at all and that is why it was flashing.I contacted Apple in Singapore and they told me to bring it to an apple provider where i live. I did and the tech told me the logic board was ruined and the mag power adopter was not charging at all. I contacted Singapore and I spoke with the head of CS and in 1 day they flew the 2 parts to the apple provider in Davao where I live and it is running perfectly again. I do not think you would receive such excellent CS anywhere with any other manufacturer. Again excellent CS. Thank you again j
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Re: Apple Customer Service - 07/16/10 03:49 PM

I had an issue once with a laptop, once they sent me the box, I packed and shipped the unit.
They replaced the bottom "pan" since the aluminum was warping at the corners and ports.

I had it back in 3 days.
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Re: Apple Customer Service - 07/17/10 02:27 AM

That's why they've been #1 for the past 5 years or more. grin

The Customer is always right !!

and if they're Democrats - they're always left !! wink
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Re: Apple Customer Service - 05/27/11 11:25 AM

Hello! I need help. I am from Philippines too. I've been trying to contact apple Singapore for two days already by using pldt budget card. I can't get thru the line. How did you contact them? I really need help.
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Re: Apple Customer Service - 05/28/11 11:00 AM

This is the customer service number in Singapore #1-800 1441-0234 when you dial this number press 4 and they will connect you to a tech person and they will help you.Just give them your serial# when they ask.Good Luck jerry