50,000 Window 7 PCs . .

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50,000 Window 7 PCs . . - 12/03/09 11:25 PM

Hit by BSOD !

and !!
FYI . . . 7 Win 7 Imperfections
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Re: 50,000 Window 7 PCs . . - 12/03/09 11:45 PM

Humm interesting

Microsoft's Customer Service and Support organization is "not seeing 'black screen' behavior as a broad customer issue," the spokesman said.

So I guess 50,000 is not broad based ?

Then again the your 2nd link calls the from PC rag calls BSOD is completely "FUD"

Go figure
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Re: 50,000 Window 7 PCs . . - 12/04/09 01:46 AM

Well 50,000 of the several million Win 7 users is a small % . .

unless you're the one that gets hit ! wink

I'd think many women would be offended saying it's "not broad based "... how do they know how many victims are women ? blush
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Re: 50,000 Window 7 PCs . . - 12/04/09 02:15 AM

Even if the downloads were legit ~ IT types and users in general making sure their butts are covered ~ That kind of headline is viral. Damage done.

Don't get me wrong, I'll bet good money 7 isn't gonna do much for the MS cachet, but this is one of those instances where Any Publicity is Good Publicity doesn't apply. Pffft, they deserve it ~ All these years and billions of dollars and they still have a crappy business model/product.

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Re: 50,000 Window 7 PCs . . - 12/04/09 02:31 AM


What the "Black screen of death" story says about tech journalism
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Re: 50,000 Window 7 PCs . . - 12/04/09 02:40 AM

WOW that's worse than giving M$ a virus !!

Mal-ware in the Press. wink

Bet that makes Ballmer howl !! laugh
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Re: 50,000 Window 7 PCs . . - 12/08/09 12:55 AM

One story, from the editor of the SHAKESPER list:

I have reached the point with restoring my programs that I am able to return to editing SHAKSPER digests and distributing them to the members. Sorry again for the interruption.

One consequence of my recent adventure is that I have become, in the past few weeks, intimately knowledgeable of Windows 7, having recovered from more kinds of difficulties than I could have imagined possible.

To dwell upon the positive side of my most recent adventure, however, I would like to offer my now considerable knowledge of this operating system with any member needing assistance installing, configuring, or repairing newly upgraded Windows 7 computers. I am amazed at how many obstacles I have overcome and rather than just letting this knowledge go to waste I am making this offer.