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iHome... - 01/08/05 06:25 AM

Ok, this has been analyzed as fake, but worth a look anyway. laugh

The box is too large, the styrofoam isn't apple's style, and you can even see the paper on top of the ihome on one pic, not to mention the dent on the ihome in one of the images. Its definitely a fake, but, nice try...

http://dms.tecknohost.com/macrumors/i/ihome/ :dry:
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Re:iHome... - 01/08/05 07:50 AM

On one of the pics, I swear you can see the ridges in the box. It's just a bad fake, and if anyone had that much time with the "real Q88" I would think they would show the book that was next to it and have zoom pics of it. Pathetic, but funny.

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Re:iHome...s - 01/08/05 10:15 AM

:ohmy: The iBook box graphics are terrible and look nothing like the pictures on other i products. Additionally, what appears to be a head phone jack is on the front and is identical to what appears to be a powerjack on the back. The iHome has a modem, something that wouldn't be on an apple set top box (yes i am aware some digital cable and sat boxes have them). Regardless of any smaller details, just as i told jacob, it is blatantly obvious that this is a fake due to the cheap styrofoam used in the box(sometimes its the smallest of details that can give you away). Oh and Apple doesn't own the trademark to iHome that i know of.

Even with its flaws, I will give the creator of the iHome props for trying. He certainly did a better job than most people who try to fool rumor-hungry mac fans in the day before Macworld. I think this one will go down in the history books with the iWalk and the elevator iMac G5.

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Re:iHome...s - 01/08/05 12:10 PM

Achoo! Sorry I'm allergic to BS. But the concept with the apple logo isn't new. A while ago-before 1995, i think-Apple did make a set top box (the M4120 Interactive Cable TV Box)-only a few hundred were made and they were test models, but the product never made it to mass production.

I have no idea what its purpose was-but it was probly where the whole idea of web tv and tivo came from-another innovation that apple was ahead of its time with......
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Re:iHome...s - 01/08/05 12:35 PM

well, apple learned its lesson with the Newton, and waiting on a set top box, was a smart decision in my opinion. I am a firm believer that the market is just now mature enough for such an item.

If indeed that item is real, as you posted, I am sure that Apple has had plenty of time to perfect the product. If this is the case, you can bet your bottom dollar that the product will be as good or better than the ipod. Who will need TIVO if Apple can offer that plus many many other features in a very nicely designed box? Apple will do what they did to the MP3 market times 10... smile
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Re:iHome...s - 01/08/05 10:30 PM

Now if that person had only went a little further with the fake box, that could have really looked like something.
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Re:iHome...s - 01/12/05 02:35 AM

that looks some what close to the mac mini. but it is definatly a fake.
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Mac mini - 01/12/05 11:01 AM

I liked the Mac mini so much I just bought one. You guys get a review when I get it, and all the great pics that MacModders deserve.
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Re:Mac mini - 01/12/05 11:41 AM

damn whitlock, we're using the same brain cell again.

I ordered mine about 3 hours ago. CANNOT wait.

What options you get?

I dunno if anyone noticed, but the mini is 6.5 inches square by 2 inches tall. A single DIN car stereo is 7 inches by 2 inches tall. Now, with all the technology at our disposal, who else is thinking what I am?

Does anyone remember the joint venture between apple and BanDai? the set top box named Pippin?

Ubergeek, its kind of ironic, but the internals in that photo look almost identical to the internals of my NeXT Slab smile
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Re:Mac mini - 01/12/05 11:53 AM

God, thats freaking funny. I ordered mine around 8:13 CST if we are going to figure out if it was simultanious or not. We should do a joint review on this.

1.4ghz, 80gb drive, Airport card, No Bluetooth, Applecare 3 year, only 256mb RAM (they steal ya on the RAM)
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Re:Mac mini - 01/12/05 12:00 PM

word. I went:

1.25 GHz
256MB RAM (can get it at cost at work)
80GB drive
Wireless Keyboard & Mouse
Applecare (a must have)

I was thinking. You may not wanna take yours apart for the camera. if I take mine apart for documentation, its still under warranty (bless my certifications!) whereas for many others, its a warranty voider. Unless of course you have Apple's desktop cert, and I just dont know smile then by all means, tear that joker open!
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Re:Mac mini - 01/12/05 12:04 PM

okay, we were super close on the ordering time. You were 8:13 Central. I was 9:02 Eastern.

So, you were about 11 minutes after me. Just for chuckles, post when you get your shipping notification. We'll race to see who's arrives first!
Posted by: whitlock

Re:Mac mini - 01/12/05 12:04 PM

I don't have cert now, though I can take it to my friends in another town that stil run the resell shop so they can do it, and take pics. Lets see, because the RAM has to be user servicable.
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Re:Mac mini - 01/12/05 12:05 PM

But I'm Central time, so I'm closer. It could be a draw, who knows?
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Re:Mac mini - 01/12/05 12:22 PM

modyourmac, we would love it if you can whitlock could both do a revie on this item! It would be great too, to get some internal shots if possible.

I am on the same wavelength as you modyourmac. I was thinking, hmmm, carputer... It is the perfect size!
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Re:Mac mini - 01/12/05 12:33 PM

Word. Long as your warranty isnt gonna be voided, all good.

Actually, we expect these to be very thin on user (or otherwise) servicable parts. Ram, airport, bluetooth and such may be about the only things we'll be able to order. I greatly expect that apple will be pushing mail in service with these.

Jacob, you shall have your photos!

On that wavelength, I've been planning a trunk server for a while. This works better than my G4 cube plans! Course, I'm tempted to skip the Stereo head, install an amp and eq, and then use a Griffin Radio Shark to get FM in the car. A total A/V setup in the car, with no stereo head. Now that would be badder than bad!
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Re:Mac mini - 01/12/05 12:51 PM

Bah! Memory upgrade must be performed by an Apple Authorized Service provider.

Well, bollocks! I'm going to pricewatch for my RAM and making a roadtrip if I have to.

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Re:Mac mini - 01/13/05 01:04 AM

hehe, I'm looking forward to the take apart guide for this little monster smile
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Re:Mac mini - 01/13/05 02:26 AM

modyourmac, if I get around to doing the carputer, it will be headunitless. I will take the amp route, and maybe consider FM. Not sure, as I do not listen to the radio much anyway. Does that griffen device connect up to the car's antenna connector? Or, is there an adapter?
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Re:Mac mini - 01/13/05 02:49 AM


the griffin radio shark is actually designed as a radio solution for your desktop computer. It plugs in through USB and has its own software setup that makes the whole shebang work. As far as I know, it wont plug into your antenna. But, if you took it apart, I'm sure it might smile
Posted by: oojacoboo

Re:Mac mini - 01/13/05 08:50 AM

so, the antenna is built into the radio shark? Or, is there an external antenna that comes with it?
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Re:Mac mini - 04/23/05 04:44 PM

which NeXT do you have? color or black and white turbo or normal?

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